The temperature was too high and the air tasted stale. Too many people in a small room for too long. At times Mike had to fight for the ability to properly pay attention to the business at hand. It was worth it, though.

The second day had been another one of mixed reactions where hopes were raised but so were tempers. It was not always the council vs the powers that be, either. At times the council, itself,  would disagree and interrupt each other. That was fine and as it should be.

The third day  was full of hope and smiles and by halfway through Mike’s mood had improved measurably. The information was often still ‘secret’ but the plans raised people’s hopes. They all knew that not everyone would be satisfied but given the pilots of New Eden that was a given. As always it was impressive, the level of open dialogue that they engaged in. There was a topic or two that they were always steered away from.

The council itself was the usual mix. They would meet in the mess for the morning meal but separated in the evenings only to all wind up in the same drinking establishment by halfway through. Mainly they all headed back to their quarters to process minutes and cover the news of the day from beyond the planetary isolation that they were stuck in.

Mike chuckled at the arguments that followed the AllianceTournament, happy that he did not have a duck in this pond. (or a camel in the war).


You have seen the first minutes, second will be along shortly. When this is all over and I have a brain again, we  can discuss them… Or you can scream at me about things not said or done.

Fly it like you won it


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