Mike grimaced and swiped his hand across the comm blanking it, again.

“Problems, hun?”  The waitress refilled his coffee and cleared the remains of his dinner service.

“Nah, just imagining what I would do if I were in the ATXIII”

“And what would that be to us mortals?”

Mike grinned.  “I feel like I have had this conversation before.  It is watching a bunch of capsuleers participate in a fair fight.”

“I thought your kind were allergic to that.”

“For the most part, yeah.  But Once a year pilotes train and theorycraft to see who can do the best design and flying within specific guidlelines.”  He turned his comm for her to see.  “This is this years rules.”

She glanced over them and shrugged.  “Means nothing to me.  What makes it so special?”

“Points allocation combined with what your pilots can fly, for one thing.  My fav part is the Flagship.

Any standard T1 or Faction battleship hull may be designated as a flagship.

Team captains must indicate to the GM managing their match if they intend to use their flagship in any given match, and which pilot is flying the flagship.

Flagships may ignore meta level restrictions for the following module types (this means they may fit faction, officer, cosmos, and deadspace versions):

  • All Legal Highslot Modules (not including remote armour repair modules or remote shield transfer modules)
  • Electronic Warfare Modules
  • Weapon Upgrade Modules
  • ONE Shield Booster or up to TWO Armor Repairers

Flagship ship types must be decided in advance and their ship type submitted to “CCP Alliance Tournament” character via EVEmail no later than August 7th. The fittings for a flagship do not have to be disclosed. The names of flagships do not have to be disclosed or remain constant. Fittings may also be changed from match to match.

All flagship hull types will be published in the flagships section of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament site following the deadline date.

“So the enemies know what your best ship is?”  She asked, tilting her head to one side.

“Yup, though you do not have to bring it . . . but if you are eliminated, never having fielded it . . . ”

“You feel like an idiot.  But bring out the best too soon and you might lose it, right?”
“Now you see why I like it.”  He spun the comm and tapped it then spun it back.  “These are the flagships for this year . . . ”

So out of 64 teams………….

51 submitted a flagship

Bhaalgorn – 27
Geddon – 9
Vindi – 3
Bhargest – 3
Rattlesnake – 2
Phoon Fleet – 2
SNI – 2
Domi – 1
Typhoon – 1
Mach – 1

“Bhaalgorn, that is a Blood Raider ship isn’t it?”

“In more ways than one.”  Mike nodded.  “It specializes in neuts so it sucks the ships engines dry, just as the raiders do to their victims.  In a combat that means that the power to run your ship is going to be a big worry if one of these is on the field.  But do you assume they are going to bring it?  Or hope they don’t?”

“13 teams did not list a flagship. Why?”

Mike grimaced and shrugged.  “I can make a guess, some cannot afford one but they could have declared and not brought so that is dumb.  Others were probably too disorganized to get their paperwork in on time so now they are denied that strength other teams will have.  I don’t know for sure.  But of course all the tournament news fades as new news takes centre stage, eh?”

“Oh My Gods.”  She said.  “Did you see the news footage?  Those Drifters shot an Aeon.  The Empresses Aeon.”

Mike nodded.  “Yeah, I know, I was there.  And yes, it was as fast and efficient as it looked.  Blink and you might miss it.  So there will be some interesting times ahead for the Amarr Empire.  I hear they might even have another ‘right of succession tournament‘ which will make the Alliance tournament fade in comparison.”

“Going to theory craft that one?”

“Oh probably but darlin I am Gallente so I doubt I will be invited to the proceedings as a guest judge.”



Life kept getting in the way of getting this post out so it is a jumble written over a week.  Finally came down to hit the publish button or the trash.

Eve is a game where there are events inside and outside of the normal play.  The ATXIII has been fun to watch and I was there for the empressive death.  Keep an eye open and being able to say ‘I was there’ is fun.

Oh and Test?  Mad props to the Battle Badger.  LOVE IT

End of month is coming up.  I weill try to come up with a draw in the next week or so.

fly it like you won it



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5 Responses to Tournament

  1. Jon Illat says:

    Going to point out that the Empress was in an Avatar, not an Aeon, and that’s what was alphaed by the Drifters. It was impressive to be on field with, then it was just gone O.o

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I accept the correction mainly because I never fly them and cannot tell the diff, I would totally fail eve flashcard quizes (someone made one once)


  3. Mara Rin says:

    I was quite disappointed in that RP event, even though I wasn’t there. The GMs/devs are basically railroading a particular storyline, providing no opportunity for capsuleers to alter the flow of the story. No chance for reps, jams, shooting.

    But we will see where it goes. If drifters ever field vulnerable fleets again instead of invulnerable instalocking swarms, it will be terrible storytelling.

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