OOC: Silver Platter Synchronicity

Two things happened, one right after another.  The first was chatting with Kira (of Nova Haven and Necom fame) and the second was reading a post by Sugar (fellow CSMX and her blog is required reading, for me)

Kira first.  For the record, right after she finished complaining about this she apologized for ranting.  I never saw it as such but accepted the apology anyways.  People who join a help channel or a corp sometimes seem to expect that said help will be handed to them.  That the helpers will know what you need and volunteer answers to questions not asked.  Later in the game these same people will die during wardecs because they are mining and when told that there is a wardec on they complain . . .’why didn’t you tell me?’.  If it is pointed out the information was all over the place they stick to their guns . . . why did you not tell ME?  In the end I told her that, to a certain extent, some people need Darwinism experienced first hand.  Let them die and then point out (again) where they might have learned of their safety levels and maybe played a bit smarter.

These people expect personalized service with the restaurant serving the food without even the bother of taking their order and getting it right, every time.  A lot of Eve information is out there (some of it hidden, I will admit) but it is a buffet.  Get up off your ass, go over the the serving tables and fill your plate but do NOT sit at your table complaining that you are hungry.

On to Sugars post and this set of questions near the end.

I listen to people telling me what others do not deserve. I’d like to hear what a player does deserve. What are they entitled to? What are the pieces of a good gaming session? What should fill up that spot that is gaming? That makes us thirsty to return?

The word that burned off the screen at me was entitled.  Gods, I hate that word and all the baggage it brings with it.  You paid for this game and you are entitled to there being . . . what?  To be lead by the hand by a mentor or calm robot voice until you understand all the minutiae of a game that I doubt anybody fully gets?  To be able to skip the tutorials and make mad isk so you never have to pay for the game because you heard that you could play the game with in game gold?  For GM’s to be on, 24/7 and leap to your aid if something goes wrong, even if it might have been your fault.

to be served

after all, you paid for it

And then I read the quote above, again and another word jumped out at me . . . game.  Is Eve a game?  Of late I have questioned that.  Golf¹ is a game, there is a score, winners, losers.  Chess, no score but winner, loser or draw.  Games, both of them.  How do we keep score in Eve²?  There are not even levels to say that you are a 23rd level Paladin, fear not!  I don’t play Eve to win very often, I play it to enjoy the social aspects, and to figure out a new thing or a new place.  It is a puzzle³.  A huge intricate puzzle that I may never solve (even with hints on the net) but IF I manage to solve this corner, or guess correctly what that guy will do . . . I get my enjoyment.  But I have to go to the table with the right attitude and be willing to work to even find the pieces of said puzzle, let alone put them together.

Entitled?  Nope.  There are days where logging in is more a chore, a grind, than I might want it to be but something is always there that keeps me doing so, anyways.  Maybe it is the other people, maybe it is the hope of something new and exciting.  Maybe it is even the chance to be the new and exciting thing for someone else.  I don’t know, for sure.  But I very seldom demand or expect that things get handed to me, I just hope to find the next piece that fits the puzzle that is probably almost all of my own making.

I do know where that entitlement came from.  I have played enough games (and still do) that take me and show me the path.  Railways along which I can enjoy the ride and shoot at the targets as I pass them by (ever ride the Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland?) just like all the people before and after me.

How about you, though?  Are you still waiting to be served, sitting at the table, hungry?  Or are you loading a plate at the buffet?

apologies for the rant but these things fester in the back of my mind if I don’t air them out, now and again.

fly it like you won it



1) for the record I have golfed and teased my fellow golfers that I was the real winner because I got many more opportunities to hit the ball than they did.

2) yes yes, isk balance, killboards, skill points, but none are listed as the goal of the game, are they?

3) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usborne_Puzzle_Adventure_series if you missed these as a child I am so sorry, I loved this series

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16 Responses to OOC: Silver Platter Synchronicity

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Entitlement is everywhere. From the NOOB who needs to be hand held, to the Null Sec Vet who’s butthurt because Fozzie SOV made his life harder, to the college graduate who doesn’t understand that you “normally” can’t make great money straight out of college but need to work and prove yourself over… TIME.

    It’s time… All of this comes back to how a person uses (or fails to use) his or her time. If a noob looked for information or asked questions they will learn and next time a new topic would be less daunting.

    If the null sec vet actually used the mechanic or studied it (instead of bitching on the forums) he may find out that it’s easier to defend and less time consuming.

    And if the college Grad just worked hard, he might get noticed for that hard work.


    Enjoy your hard work, for it will set you free.

    • Rob Kaichin says:

      Works …. sets you ….. free?

      Are you *sure* you want to take that line?

      Rob K.

      • Dorian Reu says:

        After 30+ years in the workforce, yeah. I think so. It’s given me everything I have. Sure, the lottery would be quicker. But the odds suck

      • Rob Kaichin says:

        For some reason, I can’t reply below, so I’ll be honest, I was just teasing you with this. ‘Work sets you free’ is a phrase with unfortunate associations, especially in Europe. Don’t mind my sense of humour.

        Rob K.

    • mikeazariah says:

      gotta agree with rob, here, while I understand then the sentiment there is historical stigma attached to that phrasing


      • Dorian Reu says:

        I guess the point was missed that all of us must work for what we would like our lot in life to be. That nothing should be given to us. In life or in game. The term was meant that most of us are slaves to this grind we call life. Maybe my metaphor was missed and for that I apologize.

    • Rob Kaichin says:

      Oh, don’t worry, the point is well thought out, if perhaps unfortunately phrased.

      There’s a significant degree of artificiality in current player actions, guided by a legacy from previous systems of sovereignty. Lots (but not all) of the opposition to AegisSov has been the bizarre responses of FCs to the new and uncomfortable situations it places them in.

      The main example (to me), of this is the ‘150 to one’ ratio, some FCs demand. A small gang comes to harass them, and they form up as if B-R was unfolding on the undock.

      A more fluid response is required, but has not had time to evolve. The CFC is ahead of the trend in creating a ‘micro-gang’ (what a detestable term) SIG together.

      But, this is all an aside….

      What should CCP provide for the consumption of PLEX?

      It seems to me that they allow the possibility of gaining skilpoints, undocking, and chatting with people you don’t know elsewise.

      Maybe this should increase?

      Rob K.

      • Dorian Reu says:

        Thanks Rob, and I agree, the uber FC’s are a bit scared that this may upset the apple cart. As for the consumption of PLEX… I’ve never had a more fun, exciting and addictive sink for my cash than this sandbox. Will that change for me? No. Will that change for the SOV holders? I guess we shall see.

  2. Entitled does not have to mean entitlement. Just as Ego is not Egotistical. There are healthy things that can involve the name.

    I very much meant entitled. What things should not be a second thought for the player to have when they walk into the game. What should be provided? It is a game. It is a service that we are paying for.

    There must be some core that we work around. A core that we work for. Otherwise things shatter into a spinning vortex of nonsense danced around by whatever semblance of reason exists for any person that passes by.

    • Catalina de Erauso says:

      I think that EVE would be a better game if “all roads led to Rome”, if every activity undertaken by a player, with attention and love, would lead to equal rewards. But in EVE, no amount of attention and love will overcome simple and often random (or uninformed) decissions like “should I move to null security space or should I stay in high security space”? The rewards are hard coded by design choices and many players just go astray and quit, discouraged, before figuring what’s the right map to lead them to their rewards…

  3. mararinn says:

    Here is what I feel entitled to by virtue of paying a subscription:

    First, no surprises. I should bot be in the situation of reading up the theory of space combat only to find that someone setting out to make their tracking negative somehow gets critical strikes with every shot with infinite range. There should be no more benefit from circling a target clockwise than anticlockwise.

    Second, availability. I shouldn’t be cheated out of a significant portion of my play time simply because I live in Australia.

    Everything else like SP (which we don’t really need anyway, being a relic of groupthink RPG design from the 1970s) is a distant third to the above.

  4. Well, strictly speaking, maybe 30 days of hand-holding is something a new player is entitled to. After that, if they pay the sub and still don’t know or have no desire to find out about how to go about doing things, then they need to re-examine their spending habits.

    Of course the free trial renders that point moot.

    The only thing a player should expect from any game is that the rules are fair and consistent. The arguments come in when people feel things are not consistent (i.e. That guy shot one ship and got 1 million isk, and I spent 3 days getting the same).

    And for better or worse, EVE is a game complex enough to make consistency an almost impossible dream. But at least it’s equal and fair in opportunity, if not achieving parity in result. I think that’s a good thing. Everyone getting the same result in the end is basically a level cap, and I can play other games for that.

    But whenever a debate like this comes up, I always remember what my friend wisely said; “Whining gets you stuff. That’s why humans are at the top of the food chain, and all the other animals got nerfed.”

  5. Eve’s a buffet all right, but the description cards for the contents of the serving platters are often missing, illegible or written in a language I don’t read yet….and why does that card written in hungarian have a skull and crossbones on it?

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