Matching socks

New month, new things to think about and time to sort out the sock drawer again.

1)  CSMX and Gorga.  I stand by what I tweeted.

I just hope that phrase is never directed at me.  Do I want to see a council member booted?  No.  I want 14 people all paddling in the same general direction.  But you can only ‘ship oars’ for so long.  What the DOES call for is continued work on the White Paper and a more specific set of rules about what constitutes activity or how long you can be ‘away’ due to work, vacation, or other reasons. Do I like airing the dirty laundry in public?  Hell no.

2)  Gunjack.  and the offical announcement  Yes, I knew a bit about this.  No it is not stealing time, money, resources from Eve players, slowing our own game as a result.  A company IS allowed to have more than one project on the go, at a time.  There is a word for that, diversification.  But seriously, the first thing I thought of was a game I played the hell out of more than thirty years ago. This.  Don’t know if I will buy a vr for it but man I lived in that arcade game (just after the first starwars movie I was in a turret and could hear ‘don’t get cocky kid’ echoing in my ears.)

3)  Reddit.  I go there now and again but I swear it is a toxin that makes me shift to a nasty person so I have to limit my exposure.  I start nice but shift to Northern Troll very quickly.  Fortunately the most recent example was downvoted to oblivion.  I will stick to forums with only an occasional trip to reddit more for the protection of others than for my own good.

4)  Things are quiet with CCP as various members of teams take some time to enjoy sunshine and summer.  We still talk everyday but not as focused as one might want.

5)  And yet live events and activity on the RP front has me awake and paying attention.  I love this part of the game even if it does not matter to some it is story and a story I am IN.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Matching socks

  1. Jon Illat says:

    I am curious, how can you stand the forums more than /r/eve?

    My experience is the exact opposite, I rarely go to the forums because of the toxicity, trolls and clueless people. At least with /r/eve the trolls and toxic posts generally get moderated through downvotes.

    • mikeazariah says:

      probably familiarity, more than anything. And ISD do patrol and edit (hell I have been clipped more than once) Also I know that the people in the eve-o forums are still players. Reddit does have its share of bitter ex’s

      • Jon Illat says:

        Fair enough. I guess while I recognise the trolls on /r/eve, you would recognise the trolls on the Eve-O forums. And this is indeed true, lots of bitter ex’s on reddit.

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