Me Time

Mike docked and sat silently in the ship for a few moments before beginning exit protocals.  Scotty met him as he came down the side of the Jackdaw and whistled.  “Hey!  I thought you were going out on a roam with Ganked fellas.  What are you doing in the same ship you left in?”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “Damn iffen we didn’t live through it.  Well, most of us, anyhow.”

“Come have a drink and tell me about it.”  Which lead to them soon being in one of the bars close to the mechanics level of the station, as opposed to the usual pilot levels.  The bar looked . . . well used would be a polite term for it but the drinks were served fast and nobody bothered them.

Mike sipped his first drink, eyes widened and he signaled for a second one to be brought as he downed the first.  “So this is where the good stuff is stocked.  I swear some pilot bars recycle a BIT too much.”

Scotty grinned.  “Clones lack properly formed taste buds so why bother?”  He held up a hand before Mike threatened to cook another fire meal.  “I kid, I kid.  So, the fleet?”

“Well there are a few things to be learned, even if the deaths were few.  One is when someone says formup is at 1900 and fleet leaves at 2000 be there as close to 1900 as you can be.”

“And wait around an hour?”  Scotty frowned.

“They didn’t wait.  I was in fleet and shooting stuff by 1945 and the fleet was already on the move.  We were about 90 strong and I think the FC was a bit put off by the numbers and strength.  There is nothing like seeing a swarm of Jackdaws in motion, I will tell you.”












“We headed into Providence to see what there was to find.  I could hear folks on comms as 2000 rolled around asking where the fleet was and they sounded disappointed that showing up at the last moment they were not being waited for.  We, well we were hunting.”

“FC was good?”

“FC was excellent, he even provided  a video about ship composition, he was one of the Spectre Fleet folks . . . John Drees.  He had a good second in command and I kept them both watchlisted.  I also listened closely for align, jump or hold commands so I managed not to be left behind nor did I leroy at any point along the line.  For me, that was amazing.”

“Wow, no offense, Mike but usually you do screw up.”

“I KNOW.  Mike emphasized each work carefully, reaching for the third drink and signalling for another round.  “I do not know what went wrong/right/whatever.  We has some caracals ghosting along, looking for stragglers, a bomber or two make a run at us and did come in on a solid battle at one gate.  He kept his cool and called out targets in order and I just followed and keep the oppositions ewar damped.”

“Spashed water on them?”

“No, you goof, the fit they wanted me in had dual muon damping systems as out defensive ewar.  If we saw something nasty or the oppositions ewar we made it do they would need to be docked with us to have any effect on us.  It worked.  Excellent logi was a bit boost as well, the one time I took any incoming fire I just popped out the word and damn if the damage did not level out and stop.  And yes, I remembered to thank the logi afterwards.”

“So how many hours was the roam?”

“Now that was the odd thing.  Normally (as the FC said) we wander till folks get bored then dive headfirst into the nearest organized fleet and welp everybody.  Total wipe.  He took us to HED but nobody was there to play, not even the gate was camped so we called it a day and stood down the fleet with only three or four losses.”

“All in all?”

“All in all I had a good time, watched a good fc and flew with an excellent group of strangers.  I call that a win.”



Mostly it was things I learned.  I always watch and try to pick up little things.  The stay calm really paid off as nobody was left behind and there were very few communication errors.

Man does a hawk/jackdaw fleet have an awesome alpha.

But . . . here I am with a jackdaw that didn’t blow up!

I was all set for the loss so this next draw is for a jackdaw hull.  Comments over the next week are an entry.

fly it like you won it



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5 Responses to Me Time

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Glad you got some “Mike” time o7

  2. It is a nice feeling when you manage to stay calm while FC’ing and bring the fleet home with few losses. Congrats to your FC. 🙂

  3. JOhnDrees says:

    ^^^ That is the video from the main engagement we had. Thanks for the nice article man, very cool. o7

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