BB 65 Numb bears

This months Banter was suggested by Jakob Anedalle – “I liked the discussion on The Neocom’s recent “Tinfoil Factory” on the future of attributes in Eve. Perhaps piggyback on that and invite those folks into the banter as well?

Attributes and Skills
Does Eve need attributes? It’s been discussed a lot recently. Unlike other MMO’s your characters attributes don’t make a difference in day-to-day gameplay. They simply set how fast you train a skill. Is it time to remove attributes from the game or totally revamp their purpose? Do they add a level of complexity to the game that is not needed? If you really need to use a 3rd party application to get the most from it should it be in the game? Should they be repurposed with each attribute adding a modifier to your ship? Are attributes a relic from the past or are they an important part of Eve – You make your decision and deal with the consequences?

Banter on!

Mike sat, staring morosely out the port at the ships coming and going.  The cup of coffee was going cold, undrunk, in front of him.  His mind was systems away and he didn’t care.  Funerals tended to do that to him.  Immortality had the effect of making a pilot think harder about death when it finally came for someone they knew.

He knew it was not that way for all pilots.  Some tended to treat their bodies like an ill-fitted suit and were constantly having it tailored or redesigned.  Right to the point of having their minds altered to better accept whatever training they happened to have planned.  Mike shrugged.  He did not subscribe to that version of Min/max mentality and it probably cost him a bit here and there but he was who he was.  Not a set of numbers or statistics on a chart but the mind . . . the soul behind the numbers.  If there was a soul and if capsuleers still had them.  The Amarr seemed a bit divided on that issue.  Mike stayed closer to home with Tantas thoughts on the matter.  “Ya are who ya be.  Be wicked?  Be nice?  What you do and how you treats folks is who you be.  Not just thems as who is important, either.”

The waitress came by and replaced his cup without asking or being asked.  Mike thanked her without looking up almost mesmerized by the passage of ships.  Like people they came and went and you never knew whether you would see them again.  So you made the times you had count and stopped counting the time.  No, he would not get his mind adjusted because he was comfortable with who and what he was, slow learning and all.  But that did not mean he begrudged others their rights to make those changes.  They had their beliefs and he, his.  As a true Gallente gentleman he could not see himself forcing his beliefs on another.  They could make their minds so mushy Sansha would say ‘ewwww’ and look elsewhere.

He took the cup and nodded to himself.  “I wonders iffen Hilen optimized hisself or he just was what he was.”  The coffee was the perfect temperature and soon gone.



In case you don’t get it. I don’t use the attributes but that does not mean that I think they should be taken out of the game unless they are causing an issue.  Some people do use them and why should we take that toy from them?  because they finish a skill faster than us?  FINE.  You couod remap and minmax too.  Just because you don’t want to does not mean others should not have a right to do it.

It is like those protesters who wanted to stop me from eating bacon because they were vegans.

I drove through the crowd and managed not to gun it.  barely.

Oh, Mararinn won the hecate.  I will contract it when I hit Jita next.

fly it like you won it



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9 Responses to BB 65 Numb bears

  1. Dermeisen says:

    Good read, I appreciate the stoic sentiment but it doesn’t really capture most of the reasons why attributes are a bit crap. These should include the difficulty in getting new players into pvp quickly, and adding to the informational burden for those same players, among others things.

  2. mararinn says:

    Now I have to find someone who can fly it 😉

    As for attributes: I spent the first year training learning skills, trying to scrape by through missions on the skills my character started with and a handful of ship & weapon skills in the meantime. I did this because at the time it seemed the only sensible thing to do if I was going to play the game for longer than a few years.

    These days? I don’t give a damn. I think I’m currently remapped for Perception/Will, and I’m training drone skills.

    My other half never bothered remapping. She figures it’s just more pointless min/maxing.

    I do think attributes and remaps should be removed because they are needless complication, but I’m not going to cry about them still being around. Removing clone costs was a much larger boon than any amount of fiddling with attribute remaps ever could be.

  3. mararinn says:

    More to the point though: how would EVE break if all characters could just use all things? Take away attributes, skill points and skills. You can just fly whatever ship you want, with whatever modules you want.

    How will this break EVE?

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  5. Catalina de Erauso says:

    I think that the people asking the removal of attributes, are not people using them. It is like when people ask to change mining: it’s not the miners who ask that.

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