Free watched as the girl studied a recording and then tried to emulate what Boro had done,  dragging her hand through the simicrum of the solar system and trailing light. Muddy waves of red spun from one side of her hand and she made a sound of frustration and reset the simulation.  “The problem lies with matching his exact technique” She said, “So we’re allowed some time with his materials to try to learn exactly how he does it. According to history records this technique of teaching apprentices is the time honored tradition.”

“Tanta lets you practice but you are never sure if she is watching.” Free replied. “So you are always trying to do your best.”

“Boro doesn’t teach us. We are merely allowed to attend and learn by watching and emulation. ” The hand swept across again,  smoother and with fewer distracting eddies.” Ha! ”

” So there are no classes or lessons? ”

” Oh no.  To interrupt his creation with mundane teaching would be a true crime against the arts. ”

” And you are expected to learn on your own, no guidance? ”

” We are given ‘opportunities’,  nothing more. If we needed hand holding then this is not the place to be.”

Free shrugged, “Each has their own way of doing things, I suppose.”  She looked to the tech recording the interview and then pushed a bit more. “So who decides little things meals, where to go, the hiring of ship and staff.”

The girl shrugged “I don’t know, I suppose there’s some manager or something. That’s not our CONCERN, we are here for the art.”  As she emphasized the words her hand rail back through the solar system creating new patterns and light but I had not been there before. She stared at it, stunned.

Free took that as an opportunity to go.  ” Find this manager she was talking about. Somebody knows what’s going on and that somebody might have her hand on more than just a pulse of the art.”  A nod sent the tech on his way leaving her to think about learning. Tanta encouraged innovation in her students but only after she was sure they had a solid foundation. Frees training as an agent had been even more rigid. But Boro just allowed the students to try to teach themselves. Maybe it would result in even greater creativity or it might just lead to frustration. Either way, it was clear that the students had little interaction with the ‘Great Man’  and even less power. They dropped to the bottom of the suspect list.


Been a while since I did a story post.  Yes,  I am also making a point. No,  I am not in the mood to tell you what it is.  But I am in the mood to give someone a Hecate. Comment on this post or the last one to be entered.

fly it like you won it


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11 Responses to Copyist

  1. Helena Khan says:

    A point? Your metaphors have metaphors….

    • Rob Kaichin says:

      I’m also struggling with the point. Something to do with new players, but damned if I know *what*.

      As for ‘story’ posts, how do I catch up with the story, I feel totally left behind right now

      Rob K.

  2. DireNecessity says:

    Though it may not be your ‘point’, I’ll happily relate what I’m thinking about . . . The new player experience(s) should, perhaps, be more about crafting a particular type of player rather then merely imparting a batch of factual knowledge. Eve doesn’t hand you purpose. Accordingly, encyclopedic knowledge provides tools but little guidance. Tools are secondary. You acquire them as you need them. Purpose is primary. It drives desire.

    While I’m not fully up to speed on the specifics of this unfolding story, I do find it interesting that Free, who is spying about, underwent highly regimented training. The name doesn’t match the history. One wonders what this portends.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Pretty close. And yeah, I have a huge backstory for a lot of characters that may or may not ever come out. It is how I write. Tantas could fill a trilogy.


  3. sounds like me trying to learn from a soloists YouTube. Also, Hecate!

  4. DRADIS Aulmais says:

    I have to agree I think npe.

    Also Hecate would go great as my first t3 destroyer.


  5. Kevin says:

    This experience is similar to a Home Schooling technique called Unschooling where the kids basically learn on their own.
    Training my Gallante Destroyer V, would be much cheaper to ‘win’ and ‘play it like I won it’

    • mikeazariah says:

      There are parts of unschooling that make sense but there still needs to be some guidance so they don’t skip a subject completely because they don’t feel like it. The basics are called that for a reason


      • Kevin says:

        Totally agree. Our 3 were taught a solid foundation. Then they could use “personal” time to explore on their own with guidance when required.

  6. Dorian Reu says:

    If one doesn’t want to learn, how can you teach them. And… Should you use your time on them when others, who do want to learn, are looking for mentorship.

    My theory developed through 22 years of training men and women to fix military aircraft. Some will follow like a puppy and absorb. Some will ask questions and research and learn. And some will expect you to be the only engaged party and do not care to become something better.

    It was, and is, my job to nurture the ones who care… And not the ones who don’t.

    Also, hectate

  7. mararinn says:

    It amuses me no end that many people I know immediately jump on Rudolf Steiner’s more bizarre beliefs any time you try to talk about the system of schooling and education he devised.

    If children don’t learn the way we teach,
    Maybe we should teach the way they learn?
    — Ignacio Estrada

    What is the goal of the NPE? Is it simply to teach the mechanics of the game? Is it to inform new players that the game is an MMO with a harsh death penalty?

    PS: I have been away from EVE for a while, playing ESO where I have stumbled into a community of folks who share my interests and play at about the same time as me. I should write something about my experiences there. Exploration in ESO really boils down to “look behind that rock or over that mountain, there might be something cool!”

    Coming back to EVE my exploration has been, “here is a hisec relic site. You already know exactly what you are going to find.”

    Well, that and, “where is that hisec/hisec wormhole I need in order to extract my mining fleet?”

    Many of my social channels are empty. I need more people to chat with!

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