Moonshine on a wing

Mike leaned back and sipped the clear liquid and sighed.  He was glad there were no open flames nearby as the liquid could be considered extremely flammable.

“You’ve been busy, eh, mon?”  Ev poured some of the liquid from a square jar for himself and settled into the chair next to Mike on the wing of a ship not yet ready to hit space.  “All runnin ’bout and doin tings?”

Mike grinned.  “‘Pends on who y’all ask.  There be some who tink I no be workin at all and others who tink I does just nuff ta git bye.  Ting is that it be hard ta measure anyting without an agreed upon guideline.”

“I knows whatcha mean.  I never be drunk iffen I be comparin meself ta me brother Darril.  The scale is like a banana, it be appealin but not really good for most measurements.”  Ev nodded sagely while Mike tried to figure that one out.

“Banana, riiiight.  Well I am doing things but I am more like a swan than a banana.  All serene and calm on top and paddling like mad, beneath the surface, ta keep tings movin or at least not going backwards.  I keep doin what I is doin and the people on da outside are welcome to replace me, come the next election.”

Ev squinted at him “Still set on not runnin, eh?  You gitten tired o the hidden bosses or they gittin tired o you?”

“Well, they’ve invited me back for another visit, so there’s that.  I am gonna start askin folks what they wants me ta talk to the powers that be about right soon.  Topics CAN be requested as well as meetin various teams and suchlike.  I am sure the usual stuff will get an hour or two but it is the special request meetins I always look forward to.”

“Who else, aside from you, got the invite?”

“Not for me to say.  Not that it is NDA, though I could argue that it is, more that it is their job to say iffen they is goin or not.  And keepin in mind that not goin does not absolutely mean they wasn’t invited but maybe that other circumstances kept them from being able to attend. ”

“You looking forward to it?”

Mike drained the glass.  “That is why I am in training, now.  Cantcha see?”



Yup, I will be heading to the first summit, when it happens.

Let me make a short list for you, Slack (tons of channels)  Skype (a few channels) Forums (about 10 groups, variable list of subscribed threadnaughts) Teleconferences, Reddit, Twitter, Evemail and e-mail, Confluence.  This is what I follow and for those who have larger organizations, they probably WISH they had it so easy.  In additon I suppose some of us might want to (gasp) play the game we are working on so much or even have real lives.  A few of us blog, one of us does youtube videos.  Nobody is able to see all that happens so I find it difficult to see how any of the general populace can judge us or demand a recall.

I try to stay in touch with players, mainly new ones.I have been lax in staying in touch with the Incursion folks, this term and I plan to chat with them before the summit as well as doing the rounds with other touchstones.  There is NO carebear community centre, no fleet or alliance to speak to them.  For the most part they don’t want to be organized and herded.  It is their playstyle and they are happy to be left alone, but it is them I keep in the back of my mind, then I try to represent.

So judge us by our deeds or lack of therein.  Judge us by the good ideas and the bad processes that got through on ‘our watch’.  But it is doubtful that the judgement will be accurate.  As a few in the reddit thread pointed out . . . minutes are your best measure but even they are incomplete.

Wingspans idea . . .

Ideally, some kind of neutral journalistic party would run such a site. They could create a post about, say, SKIN pricing, then contact each CSM member and get a statement about their position and/or work on that topic, and then publish a big post “here’s what every CSM has said/done about SKINs.” You could take the “no comment” or “no response” fields however you wished to take it.

has some merit as at least you could see where we were as we went along.  It still would not be basis for recall but you could get a feel for how the CSM were thinking/reacting.  NDA covers what CCP says to us and exact topics of dicsyssion.  You can always ask how we personally feel about a subject (for/against/suggested improvements or modifications)

Your assignment?  What do you want me to take to Iceland to discuss?  What session would you really like to see happen?

fly it like you won it




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