“The thing is,”  he said, leaning back and staring up at the window and out along the arm of the station.  “Thing is that pilots always have both a disconnect from their ships and an unusual attachment to them.  It is this dichotomy that makes for the cognitive dissonance many of them seem to suffer.”

Free checked her tech to see that he was recording then asked the next leading question.  “Dissonance has been a theme in some of your pieces in the past.  Is the disconnect of reality and perception a common theme for your personal life?”

“No.  For me experience is all reality.  What difference does a memory have if it is of a thing that truly happened or was imagined event?  The memory exists, just the same.  If a death of a loved one causes tears and a beautiful piece of art does the same are either tears, either emotion, the lesser for the source?  Reality needs to be acknowledged but it is just one aspect of our lives.  Not the only thing.  Art reminds us that there is more and science tries to taker us to that new place that art first conceived.”  He looked to her.  “The disconnect of my art is to show the border and encourage people to approach it, explore it, cross it freely.”

“So you see yourself as a guide to the border of reality and imagination?”

He scoffed.  “Guide sounds so official and programmed.  On your left you have the opportunity to see a new way of thinking, Look now to get the ‘complete the task’.  No, I sit out beyond the border and invite others to join me.  My art is a bridge, not a tour.”

“Do you ever get so frustrated that you want to drag people out to see what you have for them?  The people who refuse to ‘look to the left?”

“No, there is an old joke about using horticulture in a sentence.  Explaining a joke or pointing out why art moves you lessens the effect and purpose to the point of making it useless.  Either you get it, it gets you, or it missed and failed.”  He examined her for a moment and asked.  “When you dance, who do you dance for?”

She paused, considering and remembering.  “It depends on the situation, usually for the audience, I suppose.”

He nodded.  “THAT is why Madam sent you on.  If it is about them, or you, or anything other than the dance itself you have put the art behind a gauze veil.  Lessened the effect and diluted the potency.  You had the disconnect and Madam can always spot that.  Oh, I would love to work with her, she would not let me get away with a moment of dishonesty and it would be marvelous.”

Free nodded and shifted the topic to safer territories before his questions broke her own story.



Disconnect is a common thing in Eve.  Some want a frist person view so they become evn more of their ship and the ship becomes them.  Others treat their ships as disposable ammunition.  A new player has difficulty with that because he only has one or two ships so they are anything BUT disposable.

We forget that and it changes both their view of the game and our view of their actions.

They still see the beauty of the nebula and discuss how nice the ships look.  We scroll waaaayy out and worry about icon changes.

who is failing to drink?

fly it like you won it





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