Odd socks

Every now and again I find that a whole bunch of unmatched socks have gathered to critical mass in my laundry.  So I set them all out and try to match things or at leats move them out of the sock drawer to where they can be dealt with.

Eve tasks get like that as well.  So I lay out my to-do list and see what can be matched up or handled or disposed.

1)  6 month anniversary for Operation Magic School Bus.  Write a mailing list post, hand out some draw prizes, lots of draw prizes..  Make some plans for new additions to the project

2)  I finally made an alt, mainly to CEO Operation Magic School Bus.  Make sure training is up to date and a long range plan is made.

3) Meetings with CCP, one later today, more to come.  Do a sweep through the confluence to make sure I am up to date on things

4) I really have to do a Free post and get back into writing.

5) Run an incursion or three AND try to get in on at least one roam to lose a ship or two.  Play a bit for myself.

6)  I also should do another CSM post.  Catch up on what is being said and ask a few questions of you guys.

odd socks

If you are going to be in on the draws?  Join the Operation Magic School Bus mailing list soon

If you have a concern that I have addressed repeatedly in the forums all ready?  write me a note.

lol, notes.  Got a DEMAND from a player that I do a whole munch of things to make hisec safer.  Included in his suggestions were ganker pays victim 80% value of the ship and upgrade shield and armor of hulks by 600%.  I replied with a one word answer composed of two letters.  No.  I think that made him angry.  His next note was slightly more angry and called me names.

7)  take self esteem classes to restore my fragile ego.

8) stop laughing and sign off and post this damn thi

fly it like you won it




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One Response to Odd socks

  1. Helena Khan says:

    ….but they call me HHRRRrrramon…. 🙂

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