OOC: The Politics of Dancing

Putting your name out there, running for an election, is not something for the shy and retiring types.  It requires and Ego and preferably one well fed by a support group to confirm that you are the right person for the job.

Fine.  Now take 14 of that sort of person, all with their own ideas of how things should be done and what is most important and put them together to try to agree on things.  Some will, if they share goals or meet on other channels and decide how best to proceed.  But what of the outliers?  The ones who don’t fit into the agenda or have their own that they wish to advance?

Well then it gets interesting.  There are a few options.  You can recruit them to your cause.  You could convince them that the know nothing and should hush while the adults talk.  You can try to close them out of the meetings or steamroller anything that they put forward.  You could let them work along side on their own agenda and let the chips fall where they may.

Each term brings new challenges and there is a slightly liberating feeling of knowing that I am not running next season.  Mainly I stick to the standard ‘I do what I do’ and nobody else has the right to try to stop me.  I will be wrong, at times, and I will be right (hopefully more often than when I am wrong), at times.  Gill once asked me what I consider to be the best question to ask of a CSM . . . are you optimistic for the future of Eve?

I am

But it would be a good question to ask the others, as well.  There is no NDA on how we feel, how we react, just what we are reacting to.

fly it like you won it



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One Response to OOC: The Politics of Dancing

  1. DRADIS Aulmais says:

    Sounds like they are giving you some trouble still. Hang in there.

    And put together your tell all when your nda finally ends

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