“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Mike leaned back and looked up at the Bowhead dominating the ship hanger.  “That, there, be the exactly what I need.  Givin isk is a fools errand.  Givin a ship may help them learn to fly, learn to fit, learn to survive.”

“So you get them ready for the missions the agents give?”  Ev asked.

Mike grimaced.  “Some, I will admit, are good for missions.  But others are good for other things.  Who am I to go tellin a pilot what sort of fish to eat or catch?  I hands them the pole and let them cast their own lines.”

“But some lines ain’t exactly your style.”

Mike nodded with a wry grin.  “I know but that don’t make them wrong for someone else, just for me.  And so sometimes IO gotta load a different sorta ship for the classrooms.”

Ev looked at the manifest on his comms. “magnate.  Lows filled with expanded t2s (fast to skill) …… rigs with cargohold rigs  …… mediums: passive targeter.  maybe t2 is can be trained fast, cargo scanner. ship scanner . . . um, hey mon you do know what you is building?”

Mike grinned,  “Yup.”  Her leaned back.  “A different kind of fishin pole.”

Ev eyed Mike and then the last ship on the list.  “I know this fit and who flies it and you are gonna trust . . . ”

“Yup, I get burned or I don’t.  It is worth trying and worth doing because IF all goes well some folks are gonna learn a nice lesson.  Even if they never use the skills again they will have something in their repertoire and for all the Gods in the pantheons I hope it teaches them why I hate autopilot.”

Ev shook his head.  “I tink it be a mistake but you are the one to make it, if anybody.”



Eve is a lot of things.  I am not.  I am ok with that but the Magic School bus is not about creating a bunch of me’s.  It is about keeping players in and showing them all that can be and could be.

I am serious about the fish.  I am glad CCP don’t read my blog because this might tick them off

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Fish

  1. Nyjil says:

    “Give a man a fish and he knows where to go for fish. Teach him how to fish and you’ve lost your market.”

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