OOC Northern Troll – Honesty

Sometimes I suffer from migraines and my head gives me odd thoughts to chew on.  Round and round they go till I either start telling folks about them or write them down.  It seems the only way to quiet the damn things.

Thank you for helping me with my headache.

Honesty Patrol

Once in a while CCP GMs would enforce what people promised.  Isk doublers WOULD double isk to the woes of their own balance spilling over to alt accounts if need be.  Margin scams would pay out in the same way.  If people were trading everything for just one trit then that is what would happen.

It wouldn’t happen every day, just now and again.  Say on days like March 32.  Thing is, it would be a two edged sword.  Knowing that there was a chance of honesty patrol being nearby would make some idiots go for the scams more often.

Best part is that there would be no warning, no messages, no explanation.  Imagine the petition . . . ‘I promised to double his isk and then I did, fix this please. ‘

Yeah, I have been visiting Jita too much lately.


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6 Responses to OOC Northern Troll – Honesty

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Weekends, particularly Sunday, is the worst.
    You know that.
    Best way is to nuke the Jita 4-4 station from orbit. It is the only way to be sure.

    • mikeazariah says:

      amarr right behind it, but the thing is the scammers are like cockroaches, they move and survive unless you hit them directly

      and long time no see, sir, welcome back


  2. Easy Esky says:

    institute a no loitering policy to Jita and say a five jump radius. after being present in the constellation for 10min, your local usage is disabled for up-to an hour. legitimate traders do not hawk their wares like a fish market.

  3. Chanina says:

    the isk doubler is not that easy to catch for a new player but falling to them is still just stupid. If someone want to help you, they will help you without you paying them first. But those reading this already know that.

    However there would be a nice fix for “Margin scams”:
    If you place a buy order (with the margin skill) your requested “min count” is the minimum of ISK that is placed in market. If you want 5 Items and only in junks of 5 you don’t get any effect from margin trading.
    The honest trader who wants 5 thousand items but only in stacks greater 10 would get his margin bonus just as usual.

    Do I miss any thing here or might it be that easy?

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