Fitting in (Part 4 Faster you fool)

“Speed comes in a lot of varieties and being able to dictate the range of an engagement or even whether you want to ba a part of it is a key thing.  Not to mention some faster ships are harder to hit and other faster ships are easier to hit.  As with everything else, situations are not as cut and dried as they might seem and you have some choices to make.”

Mike touched his comm and the screen filled with modules and rigs.  “1mn afterburners, microwarp drives (mwd) inertia stabilizers.  Things to push you faster, make you lighter, make you more agile, all are part of the mix.  I will start with the small stuff first.  Agility is how fast you turn but mainly it will affect how fast you can align and get into warp.  This is important if you see something big coming and want to not be there when it arrives.  It is also handy for crashing through simple ambushes.  Getting out of dodge and on to the next stop is something I like to be able to do.”

“There are rigs for that as well?”  One in the front row asked.

Mike nodded.  “There are but it has been pointed out to me that often a new pilot cannot afford rigs for a little while and if they are losing a lot of ships this might be too much of a cost.  So if you have the isk I would recommend that you research it a bit or ask me after class.  Let us talk about the main two go fast modules.  I will only work with the basic t1 versions because it is good to narrow the focus.  Meta variations are just that.  Some worth far more and do better but they all fall in the same general categories.

Basically they are both going to make you go faster, the mwd far more so at a minimum of a 500% speed boost as opposed to the 112.5% for the afterburner.  The afterburner has lower fitting requirements (but not proportionately so)  and fewer skill demands.”

“Why would anybody choose afterburners, then?”  Asked a Minmater pilot on the left.

Mike grinned.  “There are two key disadvantages to the mwd.  The first is that a scrambler can shut it down.  All of the sudden you are just doing normal speeds.  Afterburners are immune to that.  The second is that while you are going faster your signature also blooms by 500%.  That means they will lock you faster and missiles (and bombs) will hit you harder.  Again, something that does not happen with afterburners.  But your ships, Minmatar, have the reputation for having some of the fastest base speeds in space.  So, with the Slasher,  which would be best?”

The pilot looked around, suddenly finding himself on the spot.  “Speed is life, mwd.” He said with a nod.

“Close.”  Mike grinned.

“How can it be close?  You gave me an either or question . . . ”

“I play dirty, sometimes.  For a slasher I like the dual prop fit.  You use the mwd to get in fast then the ab to orbit without the bloom.  IF it fits.  See a lot of the fits we discuss will be dependent on your skills.  You have a lot to learn and a lot of choices to make.  As you gain experience and skills fits will become easier.  But if I HAD to choose one?  I agree with you.  Speed is life.”

He looked around.  “So take a few minutes and look at the tristan and decide what you would fit and why.  We are almost done, folks.  The big things of Hull, Tank, Boom and Go are covered.  Next we will discuss the ‘other tings’ which is a broad topic that I will barely cover at all.”



Yeah I like going fast.  Being able to dictate range has been the result of dying when not able to.

So many little bits and pieces to fit, so many choices to make.  Damn I love theory crafting.  So what of it my friends?  What is best for the Tristan?

fly it like you won it.


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