Log and Stork

“Long ago,”  Mike leaned back and took a pull of his beer.  “There was a pond full of frogs who were free and happy . . . until they heard about kings and ruling and politics and such.  They felt left out so they called to the Gods and asked that they be given a king.  One of the gods listened but was busy so he dropped a log into the pond and left it at that.”

Scotty laughed.  “So it made a big splash and then just floated there, doing nothing?”

“Exactement.  After the intial fright they rode the waves and then the waves died out and nothing happened.  They had a king in name but they went back to doing whatever they felt like and having fun.  But then they heard about other ponds with kings who DID things.  So the started nagging the Gods, again.”

“This won’t end well, will it?  Ev said taking a pull on his hookah.

Mike shook his head and grinned.  “So the log floated away and the God in charge of such things sent them a Stork.  It was active and a lot of frogs died, Others ran away to other ponds and the one who had been nagging the Gods realized . . . ”  He looked at the label half pulled off his beer and continued picking at it, his voice trailing off.

Scotty peered at Mike and asked.  “You aren’t talking about fropgs and ponds, are you?”

“Nah, I am thinking I need another beer.”  Mike grinned and got up to fetch more for all of them.

Ev nodded to Scotty.  “He likes the old stories because dey gives him a framework to handle new tings.  Cause nothin really be new anymore.  Just the labels change and the stories remain the same.”



Yeah, I poach from Aesop more often than I should.

Yeah I do think this might be relevant if you are looking at the same things I am.

It is time to give away a battleship, I think.  Comments over the next few days, say till the end of the weekend.  I will include ones that came in earlier today.

fly it like you won it



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11 Responses to Log and Stork

  1. DRADIS Aulmais says:

    I don’t know to what this post is referring to but I would like to enter for the ship.

  2. Kevin says:

    I could use a 2nd battleship, I keep doing stupid things with mine. But only Gallante. I can’t fly anything else…

  3. Jeff says:

    The grass is always greener.

  4. Nate says:

    Can I has spaceship?

  5. Alphari says:

    One day, Nullsec Mouse decided to visit his cousin Hisec Mouse, who lived just south of Osmon.

    Hisec Mouse was delighted, and happily showed his relative all the things he enjoyed. They rescued Damsels, gnawed on veldspar, Interacted with Planets, built some frigates, even chased out some Sansha who arrived uninvited. Nullsec Mouse took all this in, and tried to be polite, but finally had to speak his mind.

    “These are thin pickings, dearest cuz. Come back to Nullsec with me and we will PVE like never before. We’ll plunder Sanctums, run the Maze, blast Mercoxit before it blasts us, drop down a wormhole and wake some Sleepers, then craft some mighty capitals. After all that, we’ll put our feet up in a magnificent outpost. Not a pokey little Gallente POS like you have here.”

    Hisec Mouse had his doubts, but agreed to venture out to Nullsec. Indeed the paths between the stars seemed paved with gold, and the ISK flowed free.

    Until a Pandemic swept through (Or was it a swarm of bees? I forget.) and left both mice with little more than a (seed) pod.

    “Farewell, cousin!” said Hisec Mouse, aligning to the nearest gate. “I’m off back to Dodixie.”

    “Won’t you stay a little longer?” Nullsec mouse replied. “I’m sure there’s some SRP left,” he added, keeping quiet about the latest awox.

    “No chance,” said Hisec Mouse. “Better scordite and salvage in High Security than arkonor and avatars in None!”

    Nullsec mouse watched his cousin warp off.

    “Bah, what does he know about null sec anyway…”

  6. Dorian Reu says:

    Are the Drifters our new stork? Or is old SOV a log? Either way… A battleship is should still be a battleship. Or, at least, I hope it is.

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