CSM Comms

Ventrilo, skype, lync, mumble, japper, slack, Teamspeak, hipchat . . .  doesn’t anybody write, anymore?

Every time I turn around it seems that there is some new great and wonderful method of keeping in touch with people and I am overwhelmed by the number of different programs I am expected to keep up with if I want to do the job I said I would do.  We have all the NDAs done and now are settling into the ‘learning communications phase’.  Every year there is this hump to get past where we all agree on how and when we are going to talk.

Ah, when.  CCP, of course, wants to hold meetings during business hours . . . theirs.  Makes sense, right?  Except for the fact that the world is big and you fools elected reps from many different time zones.  What were you thinking?

So things will be inconvenient for some of us.  Summits will require some VERY long trips for at least one.  But we knew that when we signed on to be on the CSM so nobody is complaining about feeling inconvenienced at this point, right?

WE have chatted and started to learn each others quirks.  I have already been told not to talk about sov/null since

Obviously they do not know me very well since knowing nothing has never caused me to be quiet in the past.  On the contrary . . . I start asking questions, questioning assumptions, assuming I have a right to talk because NO ONE PART of Eve is in isolation and dammit I was elected to be there.

/me pants a bit and steps down from the soapbox

Yeah, just starting out.  Fun fun fun

I’ll try to remember to do this sort of thing avery couple of weeks.  With Xander gone you won’t have the same insights you had last term.  But Sugar writes and maybe some of the others will as well complaining about that damn guy from hisec.

fly it like you won it


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10 Responses to CSM Comms

  1. evehermit says:

    Keep speaking up Mike – that is one of the reasons you are on the CSM. Left unchecked, closed minded representatives with an over-inflated sense of importance who refuse to listen to others, will damage the game.

  2. Dersen Lowery says:

    If they are trying to silence you, there’s no better reason for you to speak.

    If I ever find out who told you that, and if I happened to vote for them, they’re off my next ballot.

  3. DRADIS Aulmais says:

    A single voice can often be the loudest. I think KISS say that, well some old guy.

    Once they told me to be quiet I would have gotten more vocal about it. More questions challenges and the like.

  4. Rob Kaichin says:

    I think this is the point where you name and shame the various ‘members’ who don’t care about the game, It won’t fall under the NDA, since its a personal comment….

    Considering the number of votes you have, (atm I can’t find a total votes list), you have your mandate: Speak, again and again. Let no-one shut you up.

    After all, You’ll be here for the whole year, those nullsec candidates will be gone in 6 months…

    • mikeazariah says:

      You know name and shame is not how I play.

      Oh and what race Battleship would you like> You were drawn. Congrats

      • Rob Kaichin says:

        I do, but I can dream ;P. Keep on trucking, you, Sugar and Steve (and some of those other guys ;p) are the heroes and heroines we don’t deserve in EvE.

        and I won *surprised*

        I don’t really know what I can pick, but we’ve got a new alliance Vindi doctrine, so that’d be amazing :D. Elsewise (if that’s a word), I’ve always loved the Navy Mega, because it’s a beauty. Even more elsewise (I’m making it a word) if its T1 only, a Hyperion, because they’re the best active-tank BS ships.

  5. Dorian Reu says:

    I was taught a long time ago, you don’t need to know everything… You just need to know someone who has the info you’re looking for. You’re the right man for the job, Mike. Keep up the great work.

  6. Easy Esky says:

    Keep the bastards, Mike.

  7. Please keep asking the right questions, keep the nullies sharp.

  8. Don’t let the nullbears get you down!

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