Fitting in (Part 3) Guns

“So that brings us to the reason we fit a tank of some sort.  The fact that others fit guns.  And so should we..  But so many to choose from.”

He popped up an image of weapons systems that flashed by, missiles, hybrids, drones, all of them staying on the screen barely long enough to identify.

“Guns, lots of guns.  We, as a species, excel  at the technology of doing damage to ourselves and others.”  Mike shrugged, “So you train.  starting out you train in the weapons specific to your race but later . . . well you branch out to expand your options.

“Amarr,”  he nodded to the prim miss in the front row “primary weapons systems are lasers, energy weapons.  Broken into the two sub classes of pulse and beam, depending on what range you plan on engaging at.  Minmatar on the other hand are more old school with projectile weapons, again divided by range, autocannons and artillery for short and long, respectively.  Caldari?  Missiles and rockets.  Gallente are blasters and railguns.  Secondary systems are often ‘borrowed’ from the other races along with the drones which every race fits, now and again.  Though I will say the we Gallente do them the best.”  He grinned and the image changed.

“So we look at our hulls and ask if the choice we already made in that regard points us to a specific weapon.  Well?”  He looked out at the class.

“Um, the uh Tristan has . . . ”  One student started out “Hybrids and drones?”

Mike nodded.  “Specifically it has . . . ”

Gallente Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and tracking speed

“Now that means our work has been half done for us.  But what does tracking mean to you?  For me it means that this ship is good at hitting the fast targets or being fast and hitting close in.  That means blasters to me.  If a weapon cannot track you can shoot all the ammo in the world and miss a small target doing a high relative speed to you.  But so many to choose from.  Mainly, as I have said before, it comes down to what you can afford and what you can fit.  You experiment, you try and you do some math.  Since we are doing a bottom of the food chain fit we will go with the most basic, the Light Electron Blaster and work with that.  Ammo is an option that can modify the characteristics of a weapon system but we will get to to that in a bit.  As for the drone bay?  It can hold 40 cubic meters.  Me I would toss in either hobgoblins or warriors, depending on where I was going.  Warriors for PvP and Hobs for Pve.  If I was feeling mean I might also add a few Hornet ECM drones for a possible chance to really tick someone off.  Drones are a skill that, if you plan on using them, you train high, early so you can get the most out in the field right away.”

One of the students was sitting up straight and Mike nodded to her.  “The Slasher is . . . ”

Minmatar Frigate skill bonus per level:
5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage
7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed

Role bonus:
80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost

“Ah,” Mike grinned, “A role bonus, this is a little extra that specifies a good use for the ship by helping it out a bit in that direction.  But it is something for a bit later.  Projectiles . . . close or far.  Now with the slasher that honestly can go both ways.  I have seen fits for the Slasher that use artillery and others that use autocannons,  It comes down to the fight you want.  Some folks want to get right in the fray and brawl, others prefer to stand at a distance and kite the enemy, keeping out of reach of the enemies guns.  Although if you are close in you sometimes can be ‘under their guns and playing havoc with THEIR tracking.  Given that bonus to our tracking I am going to favour the close in approach . . . but you may decide differently.  So again we are faced with a myriad of choices and again I am going to go with the cheapest and simplest, the 125mm gatling autocannon I.  So we fit a trio of them in there and move on.”



Care to guess which system comes next for me?

I am enjoying this . . .

fly it like you won it




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  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Its the Teacher in you, you can’t help it. And for that… I’m glad.

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