Fitting in (Part 1 Hull)

“I still don’t know why I let you talk me into these things.”  Mike grumbled looking out at the class.

“Because I know you work hard at making things easy.  It make a difference from the walls some of our experts put up.”  The Dean gave Mike a shove out onto the stage.  “And because I can.”  He said much softer.

Mike sighed and started. “So, y’all get a frigate and are told, ‘fit some stuff on it’ and let out into the wild.  If yer lucky you might know somebody but if you are unlucky they will only have a ‘T2’ fit to show to you.  Being young pilots you are kinda limited to T1 for now.”

One pilot in the front row asked.  “What is T1 T2 and are they the same as Meta?”

“Fine question and no, T stands for Tech, kind of the background materials and such that go into the design and making and specialization of the item.  Meta are subdivisions of it that have slight variances.  As a general rule Meta 4 is far superior to Meta 1 but not always the right tool for the job.”

“When would better NOT be the right choice?”

Mike grinned “When you was gonna lose it and the meta 4 cost more than the hull you put it into.  When the difference in the performance was not worth the hit to your pocketbook.  I am running under the assumption that most of you are on a budget right now, no?”

The class nodded glumly, almost in unison.

“Yeah, that should really be another chat, making isk.  I make a note.”  The Dean grinned ear to ear and spoke rapidly into his comm and Mike knew a ‘note’ had been made.  “But for now I am working on cheap and works, you can always move up to T2 or Meta 4 as your budget grows.  So the first thing is the hull.”  Mike ran his hand back through his hair and looked out at them.  “There is NO BEST.  Stop askin.  If you ask me what is the Best ship I will always answer with a question . . . or set of questions.  For what purpose, what race, what sec space, what budget, what skills.  All of those are factors of ‘best’.  Mining in a Tristan is not as good as mining in a Venture but a Tristan does have better tank.  Using a shuttle makes sense for running an errand but it don’t have the cargo capacity or a Wreathe.  Each ship should be right for something but no ship is right for everything.  So the first thing you do is look at the description of the ship to see what it is good at and the spread of the slots.”

“Slot spread?” An Amarran student asked primly.

“High, Mids and Lows.  Not to mention hardpoints and their preferences.  All this is found on the ships info panel.  Not all ships have a drone bay, not all can shoot missiles, Each has some predetermined capabilities that you need to know so you have a starting point to work from.  If you work to the ships strengths you are taking advantage of what you have but you are also being predictable which brings me to the last thing I want to mention before we take a break.  Every rule I mention can and should be broken.  The key is to get enough experience to know when and where the breaks can happen.  For todays project we are going to look at a couple of ships.  I think we will go with the Tristan and the Slasher.”  Mike popped the images of the ships up and gestured to them.  “Open your comms and look at the info, be ready to talk about them when I come back in ten.”



Yeah, rather than hit you with a wall of text I am going to break this up into bite sized pieces.  I will use a pair of ships to illustrate different points.  I hope

The T1 fitting is because these ships will be added to the Operation Magic School Bus stables.  I have not done them yet (not fully, though I worked on the Tristan today) so you will have a chance to play along at home.

I have absolutely no hesitation in taking good fits from wherever I can get them.  If you have a good one, let me know.

Am I the only one yelling ‘ship it’ in reference to ghost fitting tools?

fly it like you won it



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