OOC: Almost there

The worst part about the future is the wait, once you know when it will arrive.  That was true with the birth of my daughters, every year when school is almost over, oh the list goes on and I am sure you have your own examples to add to it.

So things in the future for me and Eve.

1) I am almost done my second term in the CSM and the election closes in a couple of days (or if you read this later  . . . has closed).  Then comes the week and a half wait for the results.  I do not believe in ‘lame duck’ politics so I will work up until I know I am in or not.

2) Oh the thread on sov changes did NOT blow up as badly as I thought it would.  Heck we are only at 170 pages.  In the greater scheme of things that is not bad.  I am keeping up with it and participating even when one poster asked . . .

Why is the one and only CSM discussing nullsec and sovereignty in the forums a hisec CSM known to dislike nullsec and all those that live there? Azariah is almost certainly trolling the thread.

For the record I am not trolling them although I will occasional use sarcasm for the more extreme cases.

3)  Fanfest.  Oh you lucky folks who are going.  Tons of advice out there for how to pack, what to do.  My main advice?  Have fun. and do the tours, you will be amazed at who you meet and who you can chat with.

For me a lot of it is a little boy in the back of my mind asking ‘are we there, yet?’

I really have to get undocked and flying again.

fly it like you won it and for heavens sake, vote if you haven’t already


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1 Response to OOC: Almost there

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    If you win or lose, you’ve already won. I was a noob, still am I suppose, and looking for info to solve this rubix cube. I was listening to podcasts for the first time and discovered a Lone CSM amongst the fellas on Podside.

    They seemed to interrogate you over the Cryus changes badgering you for information, all the while knowing about your NDA. You held your ground but still made me feel that CCP wasn’t going to ruin anything. This happened again in a short answer to Dirk about Null.

    Thanks Mike… You had already earned my #1 vote but thanks for earning it again.

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