Dash to the finish

“So, off the G’s and onto H.  Only one of them, Harry Saq.  He is going for the ‘I represent everybody’ style of campaign and I mainly found it a bit too beige.  So a no.” Mike grinned.  “Only one H, so drink.”

The group groaned but complied and Scotty made a small mark on his own padd.

Mike blinked at his list for a moment before remembering to speak.  “J’s, fair number of them starting with Janwa Resh.  Now he is the opposite type of problem.  A very specific list of goals.”

“Why be dat a problem?”  Ev asked.

“CSM does not call the tune very often.  We take and help modify, we suggest, we do not arrive on the doorstep with a list of demands.  No, I think this person needs to do a shade more research into what the CSM is and isn’t.  Like, say, Jayne Fillon who still has a nemesis haunting his campaign but is back for another run at it.  Like last year I like him both for his support of the npsi groups and his willingness to engage.  He is a yes, from me. Now Jenshae Chiroptera is an odd one.  For some I would almost say the vote might be well placed.  Just not for me.  Hisec but some of the ideas presented are too black and white extremism.  No, from me but each person might want to look for themselves. Now June Ting is the heir to Ali.  Solid person with a good head on her shoulders representing Sound Mind.  Pretty much an independent nullsec resident which puts her up there with mermaids, dragons and wolves.  Mythic.  Unless I can find another better rep like her she is a maybe bordering on a yes.”

Mike finished his drink and waved for the others to do the same.  “It may move faster from here.  A few folks in the K’s did not make the minimum level of effort I expect so we jump right to Khador Vess who is from RvB and might be considered Mangalas heir.  Now I have not dealt with him directly but I have him as a maybe.”

They took a break that consisted of eating and chatting amongst themselves (and more drinking)  For Scotty, the next day the evening kind of degenerated into a blur but his padd kept something of his notes. Such as they were.

Klapen – not sure if troll or a decent guy

Lorelei Ierendi – a bit one sided hisec

Manfred Sideous- good person, hope he gets in, but he has the bloc vote

Migui X’hyrrn- He can look to TEST for his votes, does not need mine

Mike Azariah- well . . . yeah, of course 

Psianh Auvyander- A lot to be said for him and who he represents does not have a lot of other folks, yes

PsychoBitch–  no, poor losers are usually also poor winners

Radu Lupescu-Another hisec ‘safe’ guy but I would like to see what he has to say about hauling.  maybe with no leanings

Sabriz Adoudel- James 315 devotee, so no

Sion Kumitomo- Bloc candidate so who cares what I think

Soelent- Deja vu on so many levels.  Needs to work on platform from this year but hope he runs again next.  no

Sort Dragon- Let his bloc vote him in, or not

Steve Ronuken-  YES please yes.  excellent member and worker and an expert in the things no other candidate has a clue on

Sugar Kyle- YES  no question. no debate, just YES

Suzy RC Mudstone- I like the enthusiasm but some of the ideas . . . maybe

Thoric Frosthammer-  Let his bloc vote him in or not

Tora Bushido- Actually, I like this guy.  He spoke well on interviews except for the ‘eve is evil’ thing.  Because it isn’t.  so no

UAxDEATH- he will have his own voting bloc, does not need mine

Vaari- Um, no

Vic Jefferson- Let his own bloc vote him in, or not

Xander Phoena- YES, simple as that. 

Xenuria- I fear for the trolls.  That they might decide this is worth doing

then there were snapshots of empty bottles, boddies scattered across the room and Mike singing some Gallente song while trying to make a sandwich out of leftovers.



Sorry this went past the start of the voting period

Lets look to my yeses and converted maybes

Me (Mike Azariah)


Sugar Kyle

Steve Ronuken





The maybes will be your own call , , , go back through the posts or find what interests you.  Hit up Vote match, maybe although it seems to be consistently steering folks away from me.  (I have yet to hear anybody matching me there)

Good luck to all running


will be nice when this is done, eh?

fly it like you won it





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5 Responses to Dash to the finish

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Thanks Mike, this helped sort out the maybes…

  2. professorzed says:

    Thanks for your help in making a voting decision. It helped me out a lot. Yes, I did vote for you and the other candidates you suggested.

  3. June Ting says:

    Thank you for the vote of confidence.

  4. Kevin says:

    Thanks Mike, this really helped me out too. I used your suggestions as well as some from the vote match tool.
    btw, You matched up about mid-way in vote match. But I voted for you much higher. I’m high-sec and sometimes venture into low-sec for now, so my matches are also fairly new players.

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