Too many letters

Refilling all the drinks took a bit of time but it gave them a moment before Mike continued on.  “So,” Ev asked, pointing towards their host “he needs ta be on lots of lists, right?”

“Not that easy.”  Scotty explained.  “Though with lots of candidates who are in but not serious the bleed through will have different effects.  See after the first pass of the counting they start to take out the folks who ‘have enough’ and then they drop one who was ‘lowest so far’.  If Everybody put Mike as third on the list but nobody put him up as first then he would not be elected, even if all folks wanted him in.  The lack of firsts would keep his thirds from ever making it to the counting block.”

“So he needs ta be surviving the first few rounds till them other votes start ta pile on, eh?”

“Exactly, shh, he is about to pontificate some more, I hope he manages to get a few more letters of the alphabet done, my liver cannot handle this being tooooo long.”

Mike looked down at his comms and took a swig of a drink that was black on top fading to orange and finally a clear fluid on the bottom. “corebloodbrothers, now here is a guy whom I have shifted opinions on . . . a lot.  On comms [text] he is entirely different than when you meet him in more specific meetings.  Something to do with translation software, I think.  So best you look for examples of him actually speaking  He represents a part of space that is managing to keep to their values even though they seem to be the hunting ground for damn near everyone else.  That being said I hope his bloc votes him in.  He is the first of a special type of candidates.  Folks I think will get in and probably deserve to but they do not need my vote.  I can say what I will about them and it won’t make any difference.”

Someone in the back muttered ‘Grr goons’ and another yelled ‘DRINK’ and they all did.

Mike coughed a little, “The coconut rum finish is a killer. The last C is for Cycule but I really couldn’t find much to like or hate about him.  Not on my list.  DomanarK.”

“New letter, drink!” and everyone did.

“Dom is another one like Ashterothi.  A good candidate competing along with Xander for the community media seats.  He is a good guy and I wish him the best, I would add him as a maybe but I still am favouring Xander.  Which brings me to Endie.”

“Another new letter?”  Everyone drank again and a soft thud of a lightweight in one corner hitting the floor brought forth a round of laughter.

“I like Endie for the seat.  I found his interview with the Cap Stable guys to be good and I hope he will bring a good bloc viewpoint to the table.  Doesn’t mean I am going to vote for him, just that I hope he gets a seat.”

“What about Sion?”  Someone asked, and finished his drink as punishment for jumping the queue.

“What about him?  He will probably get a seat as well.  I just would like to see if this new Goon rep is better at representing the game.  I still question the value of leadership types even running for the seats but there is no way to manage that.  I mean seriously, the two who call themselves the right and left hand of the Mittani?”

“You see there is no voting in the council, no use for them to have many voices saying the same thing.  I would rather see people from multiple blocs show up than two from one.  But then, what do I know about null, eh?  Neither of them need my vote and if the changes to the proposed council summits goes through being voted top will have little effect as all the working members of the council will pretty well be in attendance.  Endie sounds interesting and I hope I get a chance to work with him.  Then comes Erika Mizune.  She is an industrialist community person, null based.  I listened to her interview and it just didn’t capture me, you know?  Erweb Maken is another of the alternate language types, connected with the ‘Russians’ in Geminate.  I have not seen much of his platform but he may be a bloc candidate of a block that does not talk to us.  What I do know is he is active in multipship usage under a single pilot.  That ends the E’s”  Mike emptied his glass and filled it up again as some drunkenly explained what Mike meant by ‘multiship usage’.

“To all the pilots beginning with F.  F them all.”  Mike toasted and drained his glass.  “And so to the G’s, Gorga.  He is with NC. and I hope he can get enough of them to vote to make him viable.  Some of his statements make we want to sit down with him over a coffee and hammer out ideas.  But he better get his bloc vote.  The other G-Man is Gorski.  He is getting a lot of haters for his short term in CSM and the apparent lack of accomplishment.”  Mike shook his head.  “Hard to accomplish when thrown in at the last minute but damn, that man tried.  He is low and thera based and if you had a need to have them represented . . . ”

“You don’t?”  Scotty asked.

“Sugar will cover a lot of low.  I am unsure how much Thera has become its own entity to the point of needing representation.  I have Gorski as a maybe.  And that is the G’s, drink.”



Man, sometimes I should really look at the job before starting it.  Bet the cap stable guys said the same thing (at some point this year)

G’s is good, only problem is after I finish I will have to look at all my Maybes and make my final list.

And voting starts in a couple of days

fly it like you won it.\



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4 Responses to Too many letters

  1. Erika Mizune says:

    Interesting review, good read. And as for the interview on my end, it wasn’t exactly … the best. (which is an understatement) – I did misunderstand quite a bit with the heavy accent. Plus I’m hard hearing so that also didn’t help – I didn’t do too well as I would have liked so I stumbled quite a bit.

    I am interested to seeing how this year runs tho, there are quite a few candidates compared to other years. So I think regardless it will be interesting whatever happens. There are a handful of good candidates too.

  2. Noizy says:

    I’d make a comment about what the Cap Stable crew thought the workload was going to be this year, but I don’t want to break any NDAs 🙂 But I think I can say that the guys conducting and editing the interviews were wiped out at the end of the process.

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