So, who gets the nod?

Scotty nodded towards a glass that definitely did not have coffee in it. Mike looked up from his padding and grinned. “Going through all the damn folks running is not for the squeamish nor the sober.”

“Ah, so a quick perusal and you’ll be all set to put out your choices, eh?” Scotty found the bottle and waived for the waitress to bring over another glass.

Mike snorted.  “Quick? No.  But big jobs are best done by starting them. I got no better order to hit them than the alphabet. I dropped any folks too lazy to even make an effort so my list won’t force me to consider all 77 of them.”

Scott eyed the bottle with a practiced eye and Mike nodded. Another was called for as the pilot began with the A’s. ” Aeon Boirelle, hisec guy and incursion runner. Hell, he sounds like me a year or three back.  Never heard of him but space is big.  He has some opinion on current hot topics like hyper dunking and isboxer but that is about it. Pass, this year and see if he develops for next year.”

Scotty finished his glass and cheered, “One down, are we there yet?”

“Almost.” Mike lied with a straight face.  ” Aiwha is next and I have him on my  maybe list.  He looks to be a line grunt in null with the usual mixed experience background some folks accumulate. Not all his ideas are good but I would like to see null represented by line members as well as the high and mighty.  Matter of fact I would RATHER see that happen. I’ll explain why,  later . . . But that is one possible.  After him comes Alyxportur who will be fighting Aiwha for that line grunt slot on my ticket.  His ideas will also have some collision with reality but that is the nature of the beast. ”

“You said ‘slot’ like you have some dream team in mind.” Scotty pointed out.

“I do, I always do.  Next up is . . .”

“Not gonna tell me the team makeup?”

“Not yet, see if the pattern shows.  Next up is Angrod Losshelin who is a wormholer and very pro isboxer support. I think I will stick with Corbexx for wormholes.”

“You and he got along well, did you?”

“Not always, but that is fine.  We always kept it professional, which is far better.  Gonna have to be a damn good wormhole candidate to replace Corbexx on my ballot. So no to Angrod and then on to Ariete who is also a wormholer, but if I were to have a second slot for wh reps he would be a maybe. I like his attitude.”

“So now they are marked on who they represent and attitude.  Got it.”

“And effort, ideas, and grasp of reality.  So he is a maybe which brings me to Ashterothi who I have chatted with, now and again. He is like Xander,  looking for the community broadcast support. I like him but unless there are two of them getting in I am leaving that job to Xander, himself.”

“Haven’t I heard something about him being in trouble?”

“Probably,  he has made enemies and some of them play dirty.  Xanders hands are clean and that is on record.  So best you look at them as what are throwing the mud as the dirty ones.  I like Ash for CSM 11 and I will have to see the numbers on my ballot to see if he makes mine this year.”

“Are we there yet?” Scotty asked, opening the second bottle.

“Well, we are done the A’s.” Mike reached over and topped up his own drink before continuing.  ” Bam Stroker, now this is one of those really tough ones.  This guy does so much good NOT being on the CSM that I am afraid that if he is elected it will cut the amount of good that he does.   But he does deserve a shot if he is willing to take it as one of the enablers. Then comes Bane Cortex, says he is a wormholer but even that has been called into question,  doesn’t matter to me,  Corbexx.  So then we have Bobmon who is another one of the do – ers already.  Like Bam, I hope that if he is elected that he can maintain the pace and balance. So he is a maybe.  Borat Guereen, on the other hand is a non from me, too many of his ideas made me shake my head and just sigh.”

They both agreed that only getting to the C ‘s was a sign that food and more alcohol might be called for.  Other friends were invited to join as well and the conversation became a party.


Yeah, this is my opinion , based on reading, listening, thinking and some drinking.  I hope to get the rest of the alphabet done in the next few days.  But I am travelling most of tomorrow so have some patience with me.

As i said,  last post,  if they did not make sufficient effort they do not even merit a mention in this blog.

Fly it like you won it


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