Oh look, a parade.

After Ev and Dee and a few others had grabbed drinks Mike continued on his guided tour of the candidate list.  “Where were we? The C’s? Cagali Cagali, then.  For a young pilot he has a lot of experience with new pilots/players. Flying with Brave Newbies will do that, I suppose. A tentative maybe,  depending on what we have  further down the alphabet. Chance Ravinne is next and he is a different breed from what we have seen so far. He is a salesman or politician. . . ”

Several of Mikes guests booed.

“We have a right to run, too.  Thing is, he has a good record of getting people involved. The CSM could use that so he goes on my maybe list. Citricioni is next and I was willing to give him some leeway because of language differences but his ideas are not very viable and I trust Sugar for lowsec. I hope there is another good lowsec person running to back Sugar up but I don’t think that this guy is it. commander aze, now I have flown with him over the years so I do have a bias. I am behind on my interview listening so I want to reserve judgement until I do hear his but for now I am keeping him in the maybes. corbexx? Solid worker and a definite yes for the ballot.”  Mike looked around the room and grinned “Even when we fought we kept it fairly even keeled and that is a good sign.”

There was a pause where everyone expected a tale of arguments growing heated until Dee  nodded and grumbled “NDA ”  Everybody groaned and, as per agreement, finished their drinks.


Ok, so another short one while I had breakfast.  May do a few more if I get decent connection and a charging spot in Honolulu airport.

Like I said, travel day today.

fly it like you won it


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