Follow up

Sometimes you do all the prep and then wonder what happened at the actual event.  Mike was happy to get a call from Dave.  “So how did it go?”

Dave Korhal was a lot of things.  A miner in dangerous space (always something that made Mike grin), a member of the Brave Newbies Alliance, and a fellow candidate for CSMX.  They had chatted on and off over the past few weeks and Mike always enjoyed the conversations.  When Dave had been offered a chance to FC by Jayne Fillon (another candidate) a Spectre Fleet outing he had decided to go newbie fit.  That is where Mike came in.  Moving 58 Atrons over to the jump of system and advertising in a rookie mailing list to see if he could drum up some pilots.

“There was much excitement and panic and screaming and bubbles.” Dave answered.

Mike laughed

“There were a few requests for another T1 frigate fleet in the future. I think people enjoyed going “newbro”.  And just wrecking shit and welping and not caring.”

Mike nodded and got more of the story out of Dave . . . Dave and Jayne took out 20 or so pilots into Providence.  Dave was (as a Brave member) on the black list and died early but the small fleet of frigates managed to do about 600 million in dmaage to the residents before moving on to poke around in FW territory.  Jayne had taken the reins and the fleet did well.

A contract indicator lit up and Mike accepted the return of some ships but said.  “I will leave them in that station, just in case another trip happens.”

“Sounds good.”

As the connection closed Mike nodded.  It did sound good.  It was nice chatting with opponents, not having the enmity some people seem to treasure.  Old alliances tended to hold grudges and do petty things to ‘get even’.  But people like Dave and Jayne treated the election as something that they were all in together.  Not a competition but a cooperative.  Jayne was offering other candidates a chance to FC to be seen on HIS stage.

“Good folks, they not hard ta find . . . ”  Mike pulled out a random number generator and smiled as it went through a small list.  “Ah, and another good folk, he be getting a pair of Bombers”



For all the accusations and counter punches going on I like to see that some people are playing a clean election.  Kudos to both Jayne and Dave.  You may want to take a close look at their campaigns.  Is it getting on to the CSM that might bring out the worst in some of us?

Raziel, you won.  Write and confirm that you in comments is also you in game so I can contract the ships.

fly it like you won it



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One Response to Follow up

  1. Yay, I’m a winner! Raziel Walker is the in game name as well. We are talking about the bombers though and not the dreadnaught right? 🙂

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