He shook his head slowly.  I know people make the joke all the time but ‘can I haz your stuff’ is usually just a quip.

“I know, but I am retiring and In want the the assets to see good use.  Now open your contracts up and let us do this.”

Mike sighed and spent some time accepting assets, occasionally joking about their location.  “One scrap of metal and a booster?”

“Was it?  I didn’t look. These will make up for it.”

Mike numbly accepted the Dreadnaught and continued refreshing and accepting.  “Do me a favour, write this down.”  He named a hard to spell word.


“Just in case you ever come back with another face, I want to know it is you.”

“Won’t happen.”

“Humour me.”

The last thing to be transferred was isk.  Mike had cleared his own isk out of his wallet weeks ago and he shook his head as the balance for Operation Magic School Bus more than doubled.  “I am doomed to stay on the project forever, doomed I say”

“Good.  I am glad you are running again but you keep it going for the players, for the huge game we play.”

Mike smiled and they exchanged emergency contacts.  Then there was nothing else to say but goodbye.



Eve is weird,  you can have friends that you have never met.  And then you lose them or they move on and you are conflicted.  I decided long ago that they are friends, screw physical locales.

This is the second person to let me ‘haz their stuff’ and both times I would rather still have the person around.

sorry, I do melancholy with the best of them

fly it like you won it and NO I will not give a newbro a dread. So stop making an extra alt, just in case mike is crazy (I am but not in that way)



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6 Responses to Haz

  1. Knowing who this was, this was the best way to do it.


  2. kkodachi says:

    If it’s a Moros or Phoenix and you want to sell it, hit me up.

    • mikeazariah says:

      we may talk, I would be amenable to selling you one at extreme discount if it were to be used in an event of some sort


  3. I am no newbro. I’d like a dread instead of the bombers you are handing out in the lottery. 🙂

  4. evehermit says:

    It can be interesting to see who donates their stuff and who doesn’t when they decide to leave the game for good.

    I’ve had one large bequeath that I still find a little hard to fathom, and a couple smaller amounts from the barest of acquaintances. Yet when one of my closest friends in RL left EVE for good he never thought for a moment to donate any of his assets.

    I know that when I decide to log off for good, I’ll be looking around to see who I can pass on a legacy to.

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