A ‘Me Day’

Mike sat back and looked out at the pair of ships, side by side and laughed.  He opened his notifications and read the pair of announcements  . . .


2015.02.04 20:55:00

Victim: Mike Azariah
Corp: The Scope
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Nemesis
System: Tama
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 1908

Involved parties:

Name: Mr Digs (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.00
Corp: Snuff Box
Alliance: Snuffed Out
Faction: None
Ship: Confessor
Weapon: Small Focused Beam Laser II
Damage Done: 1908

Victim: Mike Azariah
Corp: The Scope
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Tama
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 461

Involved parties:

Name: Posax (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.00
Corp: Kira Inc.
Alliance: Snuffed Out
Faction: None
Ship: Confessor
Weapon: Small Focused Beam Laser II
Damage Done: 461

Destroyed items:

Ocular Filter – Basic (Implant)
Cybernetic Subprocessor – Basic (Implant)


The first two were straight forward, he had been caught, fair and square.  Waking up back in the home system was not a new experience but a rare one for the carebear.  He had done so laughing.

The pair of ships he looked at were as different as night and day.  The Bowhead, huge, unwieldy, no offensive power of its own.  Next to it, almost invisible due to the size difference was his replacement bomber.  Small, sleek, and fun to fly.  Although most of what the days activities had been were not flying but lying in wait.

That is what Blops is.  A pair of hunter killers (bait) had gone wandering, looking for likely targets while Mike and others had gathered in a POS next to a Redeemer (orders were to approach to within 1000 m)  Chatter was light while targets were sought.  The first one found was where Mike had suffered the losses (as had three other pilots)  Laughingly he had reshipped, retraced his steps to the jump off point and waited for the next chance.  It was a measure of his insouciance that the gate camp at the entrance to the system had been noted but not really an issue, just something he mentioned in passing as warning for the others.  And more waiting.

He could not imagine the work of the Hunter-Killer crew (now just one man) trying to find just the right target that would fit, would agress, would be worth it.  He asked if there were any complaints/comments/suggestions for the CSM and got the usual set of responses.  They don’t do anything/who are they/ I only talk to my rep.  Mike took it in good humour and noted a few good specific ideas down.  He was already a fan of POS removal . . . dead sticks were a big irritant for some folks.  A new one he had never heard before was expanding the ‘grabby’ part of notifications to more than just the tiny image so that killmails and such could be easily linked (especially if your hands were shaking from adrenaline).

Another call for attention, prejump instructions as to target and fire discipline.  The anticipation, watching the Redeemer, waiting for the orders to . . . .jump jump jump.  Lock, point web, wait for it, count down fire and the target vanished quickly.  A slow wander back to the base watching the jump fatigue timer click down but another target was not found before the fleet stood down.


He left the system, waving to the camp as he went by and soon was back, looking out at the two ships and marveling at the fun that could be had in each, in its own way.



Like I said, I needed a me day where I could go out and shoot things.  I had fun, was in a fleet, got killed and was killed.  I did send Mr Digs a GF message for the kill.  Funny thing is my bounty had gone up above 15 bill but the ship and pod dragged me back below.  Oh well.

Blops is an odd hunting style but good for a casual player.  I was with Spectre Fleet yesterday and enjoyed it immensely  Unlike a roam you do not get stuck too deep that you cannot find your way home and there is the usual chat time without my habit of missing a jump and losing my damn fleet (this happens to me)

I hope you do not mind a bit of an after action report, but  I figured the people who have a bounty on me were curious.  Oh as a way of thanking you for reading this far down?  Comments from now till sunday evening (feb 8) on this or any other post of mine will be entered in a draw for a pair of bombers

fly it like you won it




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14 Responses to A ‘Me Day’

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Glad to see CSM’s have some once in a while. Good on Ya, Mike.

  2. Deth Delkanara says:

    Dude, glad you are getting out to mingle with the little people again. Just kidding! It is very very important to get out and do what you enjoy from time to time just for the joy of it. Keep on keeping on and give ’em hell.

  3. isenfors says:

    You should organise a “eliminate my bounty”-day 🙂

  4. Nyjil says:

    Glad to see you getting some flight (and fight) time. And thanks for the good work on the CSM – some of us don’t contact you cuz you’re doing just fine and we don’t want to jiggle your elbow 😉

    But we should do so just to say ‘good job’, so…

    Good job, Mr A, good job.

  5. Kevin says:

    I just started reading the blog after listening to you on High Drag

    Glad you can take time out to enjoy shooting things…

  6. Jon Illat says:

    You’re saying that I missed being in a fleet with you because I couldn’t be bothered jumping up to Amarr to grab my Hound?!?!?

    Kicking myself now. Glad to see you having fun with Spectre, you should come on some more roams with us 😉

  7. brandonpostal says:

    Hey Mike, you pointed me this way in game, re: your bomber giveaway. I ain’t fully skilled up for one yet, but all the same, I’d love to get one to have ready once the skills are in place.

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