Infiltration preparation

“You remember what I told ya.”  She reached up and touched Frees hair, brushing a strand back into place.

“Oui, Tanta, I remember.”  Free nodded and then smiled.  “Now I am doing it, the repeating myself.  The story is solid, I think I am ready to go.”

“We is never totally ready, even when we know the tune and the steps.  You have a hard dance ahead of you so you make each step count, place your balance carefully, yes?  But when the time come that the music stops.  You has to KNOW who your partner be.”

Free nodded, “Oui, Tanta.”

Ruis walked past them carrying her things, again.  “Almost time, you gotta get aboard, you gotta.”

Free laughed and then paused, she had never laughed going into a mission, before, but these people made her feel comfortable, capable, ready.  Impulsively she hugged Tanta and was surprised by the strength of the embrace returned.  No more words were needed so no more were said.


“I think that some artists die young, of self destruction, because they fear that their greatest achievement is behind them.”  Boro trailed his hand through an interactive hologram of the local cluster and grasped a single star.  Light poured from between his fingers, the flesh glowing red.

His entourage listened quietly, unwilling to interrupt his reverie as they knew when the mood struck him his temper was swift and vicious.  One took notes and another surreptitiously recorded the great man, in case he wanted to relive the moment, later.

A soft ripple of notes announced that one of his comms was receiving a call.  The person carrying it looked at the device as though it had become some sort of alien creature.  This one almost never activated as it was the most private line to Boro Dei.  To use it was to risk everything . . .

The Artist nodded, still focused on the star in his grasp, twisting and turning the fist, looking for just the right . . . something.  Hesitantly the call was accepted.

*Boro, you dere, hun?*

A grin swept across his face and his eyes lit up.  “Madam?  I thought you had lost my contact details.  Have you reconsidered?”

*I am still tinking.  No need to rush nuttin but  I has a favour ta ask.  A young ting, one of my students is not the dancer I would want but she has the bug, she wants to be creatin.  Her and her lad gots a way wif documentaries.  I is sending her your way, ta tag along and see  what she might see.*

Some of the newermembers gasped at the gall of this woman to assume any favours of Mr Dei.  The more experienced ones swiftly shushed them.

“She comes with your recommendation, Madam?”

*Like she be family.*

“Forward the particulars to one of my assistants, she will be welcome in our menagerie.  And you will please consider?  A dance among the stars would be . . . spectacular.”  He slowly released the star and considered it before whispering once more . . .  “Spectacular”


At the transition point they joined up, he with the equipment and she with more bags than she usually traveled with.  “What is all that?”  He asked, gesturing to the one package under her arm.

“Cookies, Tan . . . Madam insisted I help make them and take them along.”  Free blushed slightly, an act so out of place that he looked at her stunned.

“You baked cookies?”  The incredulity was a palpable thing.

“Some day I want to see you meet Her and say no to what she asks, some day.”  For some reason Free started laughing at her own words and the tech shook his head, not understanding the joke.

“Well I didn’t bring cookies but I got the gear you asked for, recording gear apparent and hidden.  Palimpsest programs set, just in case someone checks.  Any idea of our time line?”

“We dance till the music stops.”  Free answered absently and a small chuckle escaped her as she whispered to herself, “till it stops”  She thought about her repetition and realized that it would mark her as one whom had worked with Tanta . . . part of her cover.  She wondered the repetition was a purposeful marker or just an affectation.

Shrugging she opened the package and handed Cory a cookie.  “Come on, we have a shuttle to catch.”



Infiltration is a thing in Eve, does someone come recommended?  How well do you know the person who did the recommendation?  Corp thieves sometimes recommend their own alts to better be on the inside.

Did they bring cookies?

Now I have three things to write about, this plot line, CSM elections just around the corner, and Operation Magic School Bus.

If you only read my blog for one of these I am going to drive you crazy . . . but that is how I work

fly it like you won it







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  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Damn you, Mike!

    Now I’ll be here to read all three!


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