“Lessee now, I gots fluids, snackers, the book and running tab . . . ”  Mike looked at his comm centre and grimaced.  “I has got to clean dis ting, one o dese days.”

He hefted his CSM book and looked to the new one that would follow the summit and add to it ass the nights went by.  It was slightly inconvenient that he would be meeting in his normal ‘sleep periods’ but it was the cost he was willing to pay.

His comm shortlist was nicely active, of late as people sent in suggestions and requests (and the occasional demand) and he dutifully sketched them into the almost full old book and then considered shortlisting into the new one.  “Get me thoughts organized.”

The schedule of the meetings was pinned up on one side and he looked over the first day, happy to see at least one session that he had requested was right where he had asked it to be placed.  But there were four days of meetings and a lot of ground would be covered.  Some sessions were doubled up and others exclusive for the corporeal attendees.  Sadly he could not transmit the schedule as he had not received permission to do so from the upper powers.

Glancing at the time he smiled, and swept up the remote comm and headed for the launching bay.  “Maybe tomorrow I kin clean up the centre.”  He laughed and dialed in a randomizer and whistled.  “Oh so He gets the ships, eh?  Easy Isk for Easy Esky.  Gotta know who he wants ’em contracted to, though.  Ah well tonight . . . Amarr space and the school bus is rolling agaaaaaaain.”



My desk is a disaster area,  I really do have to clean it for the summit.  I am jealous when I see such clean desktops and rigs for other players.  Mine looks like a bomb went off.

I do have a new book all ready to go. (and the old book, almost full)

Easy Esky, you don’t exist by that name in game.  (or I cannot spell, one of the two)

I am getting psyched for the summit and jealous as I hear the other folks in flight or landing (except for Xander who will have his own travel war story to tell)

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Preparations

  1. GrimaTheMad says:

    Best of luck with this summit! And thanks for working so hard on your Mystical Magical Operation Magic School Bus! You’re improving the game in awesome ways!

  2. Easy Esky says:

    Your spelling is just fine. I will have to test that signature of yours now won’t I?

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