Like Magic

It was becoming a routine, stop in the trade hub, pick up ships that were contracted or buy some new ones and then choose the fittings, buy enough for about 50 ships . . .

“I am going to be so bad at normal life, after this.”  Mike muttered to himself.  “I don’t see me friends, I don’t get out to shoot tings, just spend isk and chat with strangers, trying to convince them that I ain’t a trick or a scam.”  He sighed and approved the order for another 50 damage control I’s.

He glanced up to realize the waitress was standing next to him, waiting for an answer.  Smiling he removed the noise blockers and winced as the cacophony of the station hit full force again.  “Yes?”

“I asked if there was anything else ya needed.”  She repeated.

“More coffee and if there is any key lime pie?”

“I’ll look, what is it about you podders and key lime pie?”  She left and he leaned back to take in Jita.

Noise.  Almost so loud as to be a solid thing, in and of itself.  Jita was the trade hub of all of New Eden and it showed.  Traffic was a constant and cargoes were always a rush job.  Ads tried to get past AI info blockers and Mike frowned a s a few new ones needed approval for blocking.  Offices occupied by traders who never moved while what they bought and sold spanned the stars.  Light and shadow competed for dominance.  Fireworks and battle on the doorstep was a constant thing for 4-4.  Bright lit thoroughfares hid darker alleys where less savoury things were sold.  The rich dazzled the eyes with blatant opulence and their servants were drab shadows following behind.

The plate clattered in front of his as she set it down roughly.  His cup splashed as she added a top up for his coffee.  His sources had said this was a good Gallente eatery but they had not mentioned the service.  Mike shrugged and tasted the pie and leaned back, a big grin on his face.  “You are an angel, thank ya darlin.”

She said something too soft to hear and left to fetch food for someone else.  Mike turned the blockers back on to focus on the real business he had to do, today.  blah blah war declared . . . blah blah tomorrow at this time . . . he sighed.  “Best to tear the bandage off quickly.”  He removed all roles and left the corp behind.  “Gone, like magic.”

This hurt him but he had the School Bus to think of and he refused to stop what the project for a war.  A few moments of research showed that the deccers were typical hisec opportunists and that they had far too many wars going on to honestly care about this one.  Maybe someone would get an offer to remove the war for a fee, maybe not, he didn’t care.  He had a project and it would work just as well if he was nominally hired by Scope as anywhere else.  It was pretty well a waste of the deccing fee and he briefly thought of sending them some isk in sympathy for their loss but shook hie head and decided against it.

He completed his purchases and started the fittings of the ships between bites of the pie.  Open, fit, name, paste, open fit name pste, op fi na pas, ofnp . . . it blurred together as he kept at it until 30 odd ships were ready to go, Transferring them to the hold of the Bus he stood to pay his bill and hit the road again.

“Darlin, what was it you said back there when I called you an angel?”  He asked as he took the pay comm.

“Ya don’t find angels in hell.”  She sniffed and looked around at the rundown diner.

“Oh sometimes you do, darlin, one or two.”  Mike handed back the comm and left whistling.  He was clear of the door before she properly counted the number of digits in his payment+tip.



Actually I am NOT teaching the players properly, I realized today.  I am presenting something that is ‘too good to be true’ and am not a scam.  I mean seriously?  Free ships?  Who would believe that?

So I added to my boiler plate ‘disclaimers’; reminding folks that while I was for real . . .  lots of offers were scams pure and simple and that they should always be careful and read the ‘fine print’.

But then I have to follow up with ‘except me’.

So I need to give something a little bigger, I have a pair of rigged battleships sitting here.  Comments by Friday, short time span to be on the short list for the draw.

Oh and I should say something about battleship, soonish


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20 Responses to Like Magic

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Consider this my request for a raffle ticket. (OOC: great post Mike)

  2. cybersalt says:

    Behold, I comment! This is not a scam – I promise I don’t know you in real life.

  3. You’re really going all out, Mike. Here’s another haiku for you.

    Approaching stargate
    Kilometer-long freighter:
    Mike departs again.

    P.S. Sign me up for the draw, too.

  4. Deth Delkanara says:

    The only thing you are doing wrong in the grand scheme of things is to go against the howling of the select few who try to yell down those who don’t believe as they do. Keep doing good and good will continue to come to you. Also, keep writing, it’s been a while.

    • mikeazariah says:

      There is a Free and Tanta story rattling around that just won’t jell well enough for me to start it.

      but sooooon


  5. Easy Esky says:

    “He removed all roles and left the corp behind.”

    I can just imagine how this will be viewed in some quarters. I was having this rift moment of you doing a Ronald Reagan in a podcast.

    My fellow Carebears, I’m pleased to tell you today that CCP will dismantle CODE forever. The banning begins in five minutes.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Funny thing, for a very very brief moment I was tempted to write the deccers and ask if they were trying to convince me that the wardec mechanics were in serious need of fixing. That deccing a single guy because he flies a cargo vessel is a good way to make me want to campaign against the mechanic.

      But that would be an abuse of being a council member. If it is broken then it needs fixin, whether I am in a war or not. Right now, what they do is within the rules . . . right now


  6. dradis aulmais says:

    I had some catalist sitting in a hanger but it was way down in null. I sold them. Do you want the isk value or the ships?

  7. Lightstar says:

    Did one of em finally step over the line into the abyss?

    Mike, do you need a hand doing this whole thing? I can pitch in with admin and sorting ship setups and such if you want, I can get an npc corped alt to the empire system of your choice tonight… If code don’t pop his shuttle again…

  8. bobfenner says:

    Consider this a request to enter me into the draw Mike. And keep the stories coming. 🙂

  9. Notquitesure says:

    Good story. Also +1 for pie. 🙂

  10. randommcnally says:

    Giving away rigged battleships? Is this a scam?

  11. Lightstar says:

    of course it’s a scam, it’s a scam designed to empty Mike’s wallet into our ship hangars. duh. ;o)

  12. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    I second the waitress’ opinion. What is it with people and key lime pie? Maybe I’ve never had a proper pie..

    Keep the stories coming! They’re all good!

    Is it still friday? Am I in the raffle?

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