OOC Summit and stuff

I am not going (physically) to the winter summit.  That does not mean that I will not be in attendance, just that I won’t be there in person.  So I am still filling my notebook with things to ask about . . . {remotely}

The first thing is I really would like the actual summit schedule out for you to see because that might get some of you reacting even before the topic is broached.  Gonna bug CCP about that later today.  This looks, so far, to be an interesting summit and I know a lot of folks will be waiting for news of the next changes coming down the line.  Me, too.  A lot of CCP folk are coming back from their vacations and the lines of communication on that front are heating up again already. Nice to see the channels more active, again.

On the CSM topics a fair number of people have already thrown their hats into the ring for the election and I expect a lot more to do so as the time draws closer.  CCP Leeloo will be making an official announcement Jan 30 (I think).  I have said this in a lot of previous elections and I stand by it today . . . a diverse group of skills and player styles is the BEST way to go.  I am overjoyed to see a lot of the smaller groups starting to try for representation . . . people like Jayne for the NPSI community and Fisty for the small gang stuff.  I am sure the large blocs will get their people in but the little guys or the under-represented need their sides heard as well.  BUT  I am against ‘district voting’ or quotas and mandated x number of highsec or wormhole or whoever council members.  If we cannot get organized enough to vote then we have no right to complain that we are not represented.

I do an interview with Lanctharus this coming Friday to get mine in early and allow time to rerecord if my ever infamous gremlins eat the data (as they are wont to do).  Some others have also gotten theirs in and so the pre-election is off to a good start.  Keep an ear open to podcasts because some of the candidates are figuring out that being heard is a great first step to being known and remembered and voted for.  Of course that knife can cut both ways so if they say ill advised things it will haunt them for the rest of the campaign.

Things I am learning a lot about, lately . . . NPE. Spending enough time in Rookie Help to learn the really common questions is eye opening.  AND I am meeting a lot of other good folks who also help under the radar with newly made alts.  Sugar and Steve (fellow council members) also have been in there so some of us will be able to talk very knowledgeably when this topic comes up *(if it doesn’t come up we will bring it up, ourselves).  FITTING  gah, do not get me started.  A mass fitting tool would be so nice (I fit about 50 ships a day for Operation Magic School Bus) If I could gather, one click and type in a name and done?  Heaven.  Rixx made a gorgeous prototype of a new fitting version, damn I wish he worked for CCP along side some of the the other folks there.  I love it when people do more than complain but actually prototype or describe what they would see as a possible alternative.  Just as long as they know that it will neve rbe exactly that due to things like copyright and original content (Silly Mike, having the term ‘original content; and an imgur link in the same paragraph)

What else . . . hmm, new dev blogs coming as they awaken from their winter slumber.  Lots of reading for you in the upcomong weeks along with proteus.  Look, if you think the Security Team at CCP is bluffing . . . well if the 300 accounts that were active last week could still talk . . . but maybe next week when their ‘strike 1’ wears off.

Operation Magic School Bus?  Doing well.  A lot of great people helping out and tossing ships/isk/fittings.  I cannot name them all so I choose one or two a time, this time joehillbilly who helped me shop for a weapon system that is becoming in short supply as I buy all of them out quickly.  I am actually having an effect on local markets when I pass through.  I am STILL lookin for some good 1-2 day training time fits for ships frigates and even the occasional destroyer.  End of this week I will post the fits I use on the Operation Magic School Bus mailing list.  Which is, of course, called Operation Magic School Bus and damn I wish I had named it OMSB so I could communictae it better while in systems.


Last thing, Part of my spiel when handing out things made folks laugh on Podside so I thought I would share it with you as well.

I am not recruiting, I don’t want you.

I am not scamming, what little you have is not worth the effort

This is not my stuff but donations from vets who probably want you to stay long enough to be worth recruiting or shooting or even scamming.

fly it like you won it




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3 Responses to OOC Summit and stuff

  1. Easy Esky says:

    a line for the notebook, ORE LP access within Hi-sec. Both Sisters and Thukker are currently available as a precedence. Pimp my barge. (drum beat)

  2. GrimaTheMad says:

    Love it! Good luck with the MSB and thanks for being an awesome representative for the newbros.

  3. Lightstar says:

    Isn’t there a feature where you can save a fit then apply it? Wouldn’t that cut the times down?

    Oh, and I have a spare char slot if you wanna prototype fittings on it, just mail me and I’ll cobble an alt up to gauge training times for ta

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