OOC What the CSM isn’t

Well, my campaign thread (here) has started moving.  Mainly one or two folks who disagree with my stand on one thing or another.  But I wanted to start setting a few points out, kind of setting the stage before the main event.  This is because a few folks over the past few days have struck me with their ignorance of what the CSM is.

“A popularity contest.”  Well yeah, in the most basic way that is what ALL elections are.

“A free trip to Iceland”  Um, I am not sure I can afford another ‘free trip’.  This is time off work, sideline expenses, and of course hitting the bar every night (and Iceland is expensive)  Not that I am knocking it, I have enjoyed every trip I have taken to there.

“Unpaid Devs”  Although there are people on the council who can code (Steve, Ali to name two of the current ones) we are not hired to code, design or map out the future.  We don’t write the Roadmap. We, at best, help copilot.  And the curves are coming fast, these days.

“Spies/leaks”  Accusations of members taking NDA material back to their lords and masters has been around since the start.  Prove it?  THAT is another story.

“PR trick”  There has GOT to be a better way to get press than go through all the elections for so many years if we were just a publicity stunt.  They have listened to us in the past and they will continue to do so in the future.  As long as we don’t screw up.

“Play-testers”  You are welcome to go onto Sisi and be one.  You will sometimes see things before I do.

“In the know” Seriously, we do NOT get to see everything ahead of time.  Art does not send us their rough sketches and not all teams feel obligated to show us what is coming next.  And they don’t have to.  We are stakeholders in ONE team and making contacts on the others.  So sometimes we are as surprised as you are.  At times . . . I like that but then I don’t shake presents under the tree, either.

If you are thinking of running.  If you want to present as someone with a reasonable talking knowledge of the CSM please take a bit of time and read the Minutes.  Maybe more than one set of them.  Talk to a CSM and pick their brain, maybe talk to more than one of them.  Most of us will answer questions as long as it does not cross the NDA boundaries.

My favourite quote from my thread so far and my answer?

Schmata Bastanold wrote:

I don’t think I will vote for you this time. Reason? If there was no CSM tag next to your picture I would have no idea you still are in CSM.

Out of curiosity, whom do you know to be on the CSM and how did you find out?

It could be argued that I am one of the more outgoing CSM members this season. Between forums, podcasts, blogging, twitter, what medium were you looking for, direct mail?



Fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to OOC What the CSM isn’t

  1. Heretic Caldari says:

    I have to mildly disagree with you on the Unpaid Devs bit. Yes, you’re right that you’re not developers, but you certainly function as unpaid staff. CCP has been using the CSM more and more as part of the Marketing Department in the sense that they rely heavily on you for customer feedback. The trend has been steadily increasing since CSM 6. Good, bad, or indifferent, I make no comment on, but I think it’s hard to say the CSM has not morphed into some sort of unpaid staff.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Oh yes, I was disagreeing with the Devs part of the term, not the unpaid part. Ask any of the active CSM and they will tell you that this is a second job (and still needs more time)


  2. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Very nice post. I will definitely be voting for you again this election.

    A small thought about formatting. I had some trouble differentiating between Schmatas comment and your response and it took me maybe 3-4 read throughs. Maybe it’s because I’m really tired or that english isn’t my native language, but had some trouble reading it 🙂

    Keep up the good communications and CSM work! It’s very much appreciated.

    …And more stories with Free and tanta!!


  3. Easy Esky says:

    So far Mike you have done an excellent job responding to the critics. Good luck to the finish line.

  4. DisappointedCasual says:

    I actually have to agree with Schmata Bastanold; I don’t know where you’ve been making all these posts you refer to, because in any of the threads I track regularly (dev blog feedback, etc.), you seem to have been largely absent this time around. On the occasions when you do post, it seems that it is only to tell the bulk of the players posting in such threads that they are wrong and the devs are right. Meanwhile, your blog (which I track along with other CSM blogs via the “CSM Wire” site) has had some extended periods of silence, as well as periods where you do put up a few posts, but they contain nothing relevant to the issues of the game or your role as “our” representative.

    Two CSMs ago, I was thrilled to vote for you; at last here was the representative of the casual player I had been longing for! During the course of that CSM, you seemed to spit on many of the issues facing some of us casual players, and side with your new masters at CCP. Still, you did put forth some good work, and kept lines of communication open, and you barely made it onto my ballot for the last CSM. This time around, that level of communication seems to have dropped sharply both in quantity and quality, and I cannot in good conscience give you a vote again.

  5. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    One thing you are incorrect about is the fact that the CSM IS a popularity contest. The goons, in fact, most of the cartels do, every time they hand out they names their bloc will vote for. And look at the results every year.

  6. Dorian Reu says:

    Keep Hotdropping “All da Podcasts”!

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