Hydra problems

“So I take on what looks like a little project only to have it grow and run away from me.”

“Dis dat ting for teh new pilots?”  Ev asked.

“Yeah, Operation Magic School Bus.  I thought it would be simple but every-time I cut off the head of a problem . . .two more grow back.  Or a new head sneaks up behind me and bites my ass.”

“Tell me bout it.”  Ev leaned back and opened a new beer.

“Well initially I thought the problem would be funding.  You know, getting things to give to the new pilots.  But I put the word out through some friends and contacts and that head was chopped off.”

“An da heads dat replace dem was?”

“Where do I want it and when can we start?  I was almost overwhelmed with the generosity and so I scrambled to find places for the materials to be placed.  Then also, on the heels of that was ‘what do I want’.  This lead to trying to figure out fits that would work for the newer pilots who were . . .shall we say undertrained?”

“Yeah, you say dat.  I say babes in teh woods.”

“Whatever.  Then came the other half of the communications issue.  Finding a way to talk TO the people I was trying to help.  More than half of them ignore local comms or don’t even know they exist.  Thoise that have that much savvy are justifiably cautious as they have been warned that New Eden is a big scary place.”

“Well it is.”

“Worse, some of them look at me and see the ‘wanted sign’ and my bounty and figure I must be one of the REALLY bad guys.  I offer them a ship and they run in the opposite direction.”  Mike held his bottle up to the distant lights and sighed.

“Trust be hard to get, right off the bat.”

“I know, so I am going the sea turtle route, I keep showing up and letting them get to know me.  The ones who come close (answer in local) wind up walking away with a new ship.  I hope that word will slowly get around and the project may work better.  I am also trying VERY hard to get permission to actually talk about this in the special channel reserved for Rookies.  I don’t want to step on toes there because that is a great contact point.”

“So what are the next heads? On your hydra, that is.”

“Dammit, I wish I had a separate folder in my wallet to track this sort of thing.  Keeping books on the side so I know which isk is mine and which was donated would be a Godsend.  I want to do right by the folks who donate, you know.”

Ev drained the bottle and set it to one side, reaching for another. “You could keep some, nobody would ever know . . . ”

“I would.  I won’t do that sort of thing.”

Ev laughed.  “I knows, I knows.  I still say you be in the wrong line o work.”



Sea turtles is reference from Pirates of the Caribbean

Anyone who says Eve community is bad is looking in the wrong places.

Fits are being assembled and the project now has a mailing list.  I am making my route and I think I will have to expand it.   My next post should have the fits I have going so you can tear them apart but the funny thing is a lot of the meta stuff is getting hard to find because of all the new players and people helping them.

Operation Magic School Bus     is the mailing list, join in whether you want to help or be helped.

This counts as part of the prize draw.

fly it like you won  it





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8 Responses to Hydra problems

  1. Set up a shell corp for the books for your project.

  2. Zleepyhead says:

    I dunno how you have it with alt space, but maybe have one set up a School Bus corp and have people send stuff over there (or to you and you tansfer it)

    • Zleepyhead says:

      Oh, poop. Already suggested…

      It’s a good initiative none the less tje school bus. Keep on trucking!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I know a LOT of eve players have trouble understanding this. I have the three characters on one acct. That is it. (The other csm make fun of me)

      I tried having an alt account a couple of times and it never takes, when I play the alt I would think ‘I could use this time to be on my main’

      The corp wallet ideas is a good one, though, thank you


      • Zzzzleepyhead says:

        Yeah, had a vague memory that you only had one account, but couldn’t remember if you used all of the slots and/or/if you were in your own corp with access to different wallets to divide stuff into.

        Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Lightstar says:

    Or have a non-corp’d alt, that way some toon doesn’t start war-dec’ing you.

    Did you want to borrow a Charon?

    On a side note, ccp are missing a trick here, one of the bigger issues is voter apathy or voter ignorance, I think a csm member, or a pr person to represent them should be allowed to post in the rookie channel, about this and other csm/legitimate beneficial projects, it would bring new players on faster, give a platform to make them aware of key game mechanics and reduce the sting. Ok, fine line between info and spam, may need to have like an infomercial slot prepared for it. Your thoughts?

  4. Deth Delkanara says:

    Telling ya, Ouch has great cheap fits.

    Also, you might try asking if you can get one of those log in messages like Brave did and maybe put together a web page or moderated thread somewhere with the people involved that can be trusted. That way, if you get one of the messages on the launcher it would have somewhere to point too. Of course, there is always just send people to Brave or Eve Uni.

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