Dee Carson returns

He walked through the station with two bottles tucked firmly under one arm.  This was not his usual haunts but he had checked and the fool Gallente had returned to his home turf, for the time being.  From the personal quarters to the cafes to the bars . . . all knew he was ‘somewhere’ but nobody knew exactly where.

Finally, with a sigh, he found him, not 200 meters from the ship he had left, an hour before.  “You are a hard man to track down, Azariah.”

Mike laughed and held up a hand as several loitering workers straightened up suddenly.  “He be an old friend.  Dee Carson, as I live and breathe, what drags you to this neck o da woods?”

Dee looked around and smiled.  “Your friends always worry about your enemies.  Is there anybody neutral about you and what you do?”

“Probably, but Tanta always told me that iffen you are a grey man nobody will hate you but nobody will love you.  I decided a long long time ago that being grey was not for me so I will take a few enemies in stride, it probably means dat I am doing something right.”  Mike Grinned as his eyes wandered to what Dee was carrying.  “And those are for . . . ”

“Toasting your lack of grey.”  Dee passed one bottle to Mike and the other to Scotty.  “I have a contract to set up with you but I want to make sure things are what you want.

“You heard about the Magic School Bus?”

“Mike, your lack of grey makes you kind of loud, or high profile, or both.  A fair number of folks have heard.  I’ll bet if you had your comm on something other than silent  . . . ”  Dee chuckled as Mike turned on his comm and scrolled through messages and contracts, blinking as he hit accept a few times.  “Holy gods, da Bowhead cannot come too soon.”

“I was right, wasn’t I?”

Mike grinned.  “You will be wrong one day, but this is not that day.  Yeah, some folks sent me isk to outfit the ships, some volunteers to FC and a few ships here and there.  He squinted closer . . . ok, more than a few ships.”  Dee thumbed a tab on his own comm and Mike laughed.  “And more again!”

“Yeah, I did my best to fit them according to your ideas but feel free to alter them.”  Dee took a glass from Scotty as did Mike.  “To new friends, new targets, new adventures and new adventurers”

“Newbros”  They all called and drank.



I think I said this a long time ago . . . Eve is people, not scifi not spaceships, people.  Sometimes we just need a kernel of an idea and then the people come from all over to rally behind it.

To those who have donated so far, thank you.  Drop me a line if I am allowed to write you into the stories, especially the FC volunteers.  Dee exists as does Manora and the Mining Queen and others I have had in the tales I write.

I needed to write about the fleet with Redemption Road last night but it didn’t tie in for me but I had a grand time with Greygal and Druur and the rest of the fleet.  Damn if Grey didn’t hand the fleet to me, I felt like a bachelor being handed a newborn.  All I could think was support the head and don’t drop it.  Long story short, all was quiet and I didn’t drop a thing.

My job right now with the Magic School Bus is to get the fits/doctrine together than start talking to the fc’s and to the students.  It is a hard sell to convince them that this is on the up and up when we all know Eve is a game of scams and trickery and nothing is for free.  Right?  The systems I will be trying to set up in are these . . .

  • Deepari
  • Jouvulen
  • Couster
  • Malukker

magic school bus logo

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to Dee Carson returns

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I played with Dee Carson when he and I were in the UNI. He then became a traitor and joined Seppuku with Sabre A and wrecked the UNI’s Korsiki POS with a merc group, and said “we are just teaching the UNI to be better”. That was years ago and I still remember him as a jerk.

    • Noizy says:

      Yeah. And we got back at Dynaverse, one of the merc groups, when Division 6 found a wormhole with 2 Dynaverse POS in it in November the same year. We got both of them. Dinsdale, were you still in the WH group then?

      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Noizy, I think I was. I was in D6 until the bitter end when Kelduum pulled the plug on us. That was a really nasty bit of business. Bottom line, I was one of the managers in D6 and had view access to all 7 of the UNI wallets and put / take access to the one wallet that Kelduum had set up for D6. D6 had more money in its wallet that the rest of the UNI wallets combined, not that really shows true asset values. Ironically, I think our wallet topped out with what would be chump change today, about 40 billion if I remember correctly.

        One of the best parts of that war, for me at least, was when we rolled shut a low sec wormhole with Sabre’s fleet in our face 5 km off the wormhole. Talk about blueballing them. They had a spy in D6 and the moment we opened a wh, Sabre had his crew beeline to that system to trash D6’s POS’s, but we shut the door.

        What many, if not all, of the UNI’s enemies did not know during that war was that while we very publicly pulled down the POS’s we had up almost immediately afterwards, we even more quietly put up another one very deep inside another wh chain. D6 had a POS up continually from 5 hours after Apochrypha went live until we pulled down the last one on Keldum’s orders, liquidated all of D6’s assets, split them evenly amongst all the D6 members, then the majority of our group quit the UNI.

  2. Noizy says:

    Malukker? I’m familiar with the system since that’s where one of my pilots started out. Just be careful. PL hangs out a few jumps away.

  3. mikeazariah says:

    Yeah, I saw that on the map. But thanks for the reminder


  4. Nori Celan says:

    I’m not sure when you’ll make it to Couster, but I’ll hang there as long as I can. I’m pretty crap at PVP, but I’ll try to help where I can. If you give your permission, I’d like to link your blog in local to try to promote The Magic School Bus.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I have a rote, now, cycling through and I will be in the couister area tomorrow. Youa re always welcome to link my blog unless the link says . . . ‘look at this loser’


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