It took a few back and forth trips in his ship, The Gutenberg but finally he had the parts in one hanger and he spent an hour with the hanger bay men, assembling the ships.  Kestrels, fit courtesy of Greygal of Redemption Road.  Nice, easy to manage, something a fairly new pilot could handle.  Ten of them all lined up but he needed to test the local waters so he grinned and stepped over to a comm panel, looking at the local channel.  Not a word in the past hour.

He clicked the comm and spoke.

 Mike Azariah > quiet bunch
Mike Azariah > Do any of you read local chat?
PewPew Aishai > sure sure 🙂
Yuppie Oksaras > nope
Mike Azariah > PewPew Aishai congrats, for being first to answer you get a ship, a kestrel
Mike Azariah > If you want it
Mike Azariah > ahhhh paranoia strikes . . . .is this a trick? a scam?
Mike Azariah > only way to find out is dock
Mike Azariah > or say ‘no thanks’ and I will offer it to yuppie
Kaya Requie > who gets it if yuppie doesn’t want it?
Mike Azariah > well by being third to speak, you
Andocai Etrides > 😀
Hei Zoso > lol i almost want to stick around here just to see how this ends -__-
Mike Azariah > to add to the paranoia, note my bounty
Mike Azariah > and ask . . . why?
Hei Zoso > lmfao
Mike Azariah > well pew is a no show, yuppie?
Kaya Requie > what would we have to do to get the kestrel?
Mike Azariah > contracts don’t work with trial players
Mike Azariah > so you dock, I offer a trade, you read and decide
Mike Azariah > I am saying it is for free
Kaya Requie > ok, sound easy 😀
Mike Azariah > and you are docked kaya
PewPew Aishai > sry mike. was away for a second 😀
Mike Azariah > there you go
Mike Azariah > tell you what pew, still open offer, just doc
Kaya Requie > it already has launcher 😀
Kaya Requie > thanks 😀
Mike Azariah > it is fitted
Mike Azariah > ammo in hold
PewPew Aishai > sry. i’m really new here.
PewPew Aishai > where should i dock?
Mike Azariah > only on station in system
Mike Azariah > rt click in space shoose station choose dock
PewPew Aishai > kk. thx. on my way to jouvulen III
PewPew Aishai > i’m in
Mike Azariah > hit accept or cancel, your choice
PewPew Aishai > you are SO awesome.
PewPew Aishai > thanks a lot 🙂
Mike Azariah > Yuppie same choice
Mike Azariah > the ships are courtesy of older players
Mike Azariah > I am just the deliverman
Lirana Ichosira > i think i have played eve way too much.. im hearing things where fairies give free ships 😀
Mike Azariah > I MAY come back tomorrow and ask who wants to come on a roam in ships I provide
Mike Azariah > Yuppie, I cannot leave the offer open forever
Mike Azariah > Lirana Ichosira who you callin a fairy . . . I am a member of The Angel Project
Mike Azariah > ok, one last kestrel, here
Mike Azariah > who?
Mike Azariah > as in who would like one
Mike Azariah > /emote sighs
Mike Azariah > and this is why nice things don’t happen
Lirana Ichosira > Mike seriously you are weirdest person i have seen
Mike Azariah > pew. kaya, enjoy your ships
Mike Azariah > Lirana, you have no idea
Mike Azariah > /emote laughs
Lirana Ichosira > 🙂
PewPew Aishai > thank you!
Mike Azariah > Oh Lir, would you like one?
Mike Azariah > even if you do call menames?
Lirana Ichosira > no thanks i like to try get my things myself
Lirana Ichosira > im stubborn like that 🙂
Mike Azariah > good for you
Mike Azariah > If ever Eve kicks you in the teeth, though
Mike Azariah > and you need a small hand
Mike Azariah > The Angel Project
Lirana Ichosira > thanks
Mike Azariah > It is a channel in game
Mike Azariah > and a character (not me)
Mike Azariah > last call?
Mike Azariah > no? well I have real world to attend to
Lirana Ichosira > take care of yourself
Mike Azariah > fly it like it was free

He closed the comms and laughed, the loading bay workers looking at hium like he might be a violernt sort of insane.  One finally screwed up the courage, nudged by the others he came closer.  “I don’t get it.  We watched and we couldn’t see how you tricked them.”

“Easy, I didn’t.”  Mike looked at the ships still lined up.  “That in and of itself is the problem.  I am trying tohelp folks but they been well taught.  If it is too good to be true . . . ”

“It probably is a scam.  Riiight.”  The man squinted.  “So you’re saying . . . this wasn’t a scam?”

“Right.”  Mike tapped on his log book the ships handed away.  “I keep records for Angel and others.  These Kestrels an friend of mine made, the fittings Greygal suggested, the cash for the fittings, Mute paid.  From what I have heard my HARDEST job is going to be convincing people I am the right kind of crazy and not out to scam them.”

“Then what?”

“I take them out to Low or Null and we have some fun.  We may lose the ships but maybe we won’t.  Who knows.  But more important than that . . . I am buying the first round, iffen you don’t think it is some sort of trick.”  Mike grinned and the hanger worker grinned back.



Does nobody read local chat?  I mean in Jita that makes sense.  But elsewhere?

oh the Kestrel?  From here.  I will need a good easily fit and flown newbie Amarr, Gallente, and Minnie frig sometime soon.  I will hit Greygal up if I have to but if you want a challenge then send me a fit for simple and effective.

We do tell folks to be cautious and trade seems such a place to scam in.  And me, with my pilot pic leering at you and the bounty right there.  Obviously a trick.

Except it isn’t.  I am donating time and effort, others did isk.  I won’t give up easy. The best way to start is to do something, so I did.  Tomorrow I may try again.

fly it like you won it.


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2 Responses to Kestrels

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    Might try contacting OUCH. They have newbie fits galore.

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