OOC Giving back

I am a regular on the Podside podcast.  Have been for quite a while but they still let me ‘have the floor’ if I ask for it. I guess they are slow learners.   Tonight (Saturday 29th November) I proposed 2 ideas and I want you to be a part of this.

1)  Operation Northern Troll  -; Very simple, I know we are looking forward to the Yule Lads but I want to give back to CCP.  So I am sending them a Christmas card.   All I ask is that you do the same.  Not am email or electronic toss off, a real stamped and delivered physical piece of mail.

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik

Is their address.  Take a moment and send them a card.  Simple, silly, trolling or serious, Christmas,  midwinter solstice,  Kwanzaa,  Hanukkah, or whatever your seasonal celebration,  take a moment and send a card.  Remember,  snail mail is slow so you may want to act soon.

2)  Now for the other thing. Operation Magic School Bus –  I have been in the Rookie Chat channel for the past week, having a blast welcoming new players and helping them out.  But the thing is, all the help is solo based and mainly PVE in nature.  That wasn’t what hooked them, the trailer showed fleets and I want to give them a taste of that.

Here’s what I need.  FC’S and rookie flyable ships.  Hell, I will fit ships all day to get this going and will be but I need people willing to teach and take newbies out for a taste of what is to come.  If you want to use it as a recruiting tool, go for it.  I only ask that you not purposely lead them into a trap for giggles.   There is no pride or skill gained nor is made.  It does nothing for the game as a whole and not what this is about.   Death runs I am okay with but not ambushes and traps.  Let’s show them Evegate or see how far east/north/south/west you can get.   Build or break a gate camp.

Show them another side of New Eden, the side you like.

If this interests you then send me an email in game.  I could also use some ships, low end frigs, nothing big or expensive.  I know that the Angel Project will be helping out but we can use your help, too.

So this is me, asking for you guys to give.  A card, a ship, some time.

fly it like you won it

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17 Responses to OOC Giving back

  1. Helena Khan says:

    Mike – where do you want the ships?

  2. Amely Miles says:

    Space Monkey Protectorate can put some NRDS Null (not providence) fleets together if need be

    • mikeazariah says:

      you’d have to spend some time explaining what colour had to do with shooting. rmemeber these are very new folks but thank you for the offer


  3. Kagton says:

    I have some friends that have just started and this sounds great, send ‘kagton’ an in-game mail and let me know what you need and when I would love to help with this.

  4. Greygal says:

    Redemption Road has been doing random “Adopt a NewBro” roams since the trailer came out, where we go to a new player system and invite new players to fleet and bring them to low and nullsec, get them a nice fight, explode, and go out again. After the roam, we’ve been giving them some isk and ships, and so far, have adopted 10 NewBros into our own corp. To be honest, we can’t take on any more into our corp right now… not till we get these guys up to speed 🙂 At the rate they are going, it will only be a few weeks before we can adopt more 🙂

    We can help with FCing and running fleets for you, however! We already have four day-old-player frigate doctrines in place that are surprisingly effect. You can see these on our forum at http://www.redemption-road.com under “NewBro Information” section (the doctrines are Garfield, Marmaduke, Charlie Brown, and Annie – Annie’s not posted at the moment, but will be again in a day or two).

    We also run a monthly NewBro New Player Roam once a month on or as close as possible to the 15th of the month. These roams are designed specifically for new players, and we provide prefit ships to them. These roams tend to be 40-50 in fleet, and are remarkably well-supported by Redemption Road’s regular NPSI attendees. We started the monthly NewBro New Player Roam four months ago, and they have been an unqualified success so far.

    Our next monthly NewBro New Player Roam is December 14th at 20:00 out of Berta. It’ll be the “Annie” doctrine (Executioners, Crucifiers, and Navitas – experienced pilots in the Crucifiers and Navitas, new players in the Executioners).

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with Magic Bus!


  5. Von Keigai says:

    It might be a good idea to decide on what ships you want, that is specific hulls/fits. Then people can help you make them, and/or at least know what to give. And also you can maybe warn newbs about the idea and give them a skillset that they will need.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Gonna paw through fits, funny thing is finding ones really new guys and gals can fly. Failheap and battleclinic seldom remember the new players. I have seen newbro fits that have 21 mill in rigs alone


  6. urziel99 says:

    I’ve already sent a contract of 110 ships from jita, mail me any modules you are interested in and I’ll see what i can do.

  7. drew10th says:

    I’m willing to assist in what ever way possible. I’m not the best FC….or anything else in the game but i’m willing to help with fits, FC of AFC if needed and some small donations of ships. Please let me know what you need at this point.

  8. Easy Esky says:

    card sent.

  9. I sent beer 😀 They’ll have to do a loaves and fishes job though!

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