Iz box!

Mike was leaving the ship, hair still damp from washing pod goo out of his hair when he heard the argument across the docking bay.  Curious, he wandered over.

“I tell you I no be having them monstrosities in my ships”  Ev was yelling at a little man with a pallet of boxes.

“Iz Box, Iz just a box!”  The little man yelled back gesturing at the pallet.  “It iz fair and not the cheating you say.  Iz just a boxez.”

“I am ok with automation to a point.  Dat be what drones are for.  But not the blind automation of an entire ship.  Dat be juss plain wrong.”  Ev crossed his arms.

“It iz legal.  I haz papers here where they never ever say it iz not legal.”  The little man waved a comm padd.

“Juss not right.  Damn zombie ships are bad juju.”

“Ah,”  Mike said as he took the waved comm.  “This.  Yeah, it is not officially ilegal till a month from now.”

“What? No, they make mistake.  We iz doing nothing wrong.  Just flying our ships and hurting nobodiez.”  The little man looked frightened, now.

Mike smiled and handed back the comm.  You take unfair advantage and sweep the belts clean leaving the average miner with nothing.  Your type make a full team of bomber pilots look clumsy by comparison.  Slaved systems to a common command remove the skill to flying, the je ne sais quoi.  No, I am with Ev, here, and soon Concord will be as well.”

“You’ll zee!  You will loze zo much when we iz gone.  We iz the real backbone of New Eden whether you wantz to admit it or not.”  Red in the face, the little man blustered.

“Maybe, but I am willing to take that chance and so are the people in charge.  Now go away, preferably quietly.”  Mike turned his back, ending the conversation and went in search of coffee and a pastry.



ISBoxer is NOT being banned.  But one of its main functions IS.  Along with dowels and rubber bands, trained parrots and other ludicrous displays of multicasting.  Seriously I did not think that this would be a threadnaught and I request that you read the first post before commenting.

fly it like you won it




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11 Responses to Iz box!

  1. Helena Khan says:

    So much for honoring the spirit of the game. Some people… (shakes head) …. must stop reading forum posts…

  2. Noizy says:

    Is it really a threadnaught when about 75% of the posts support CCP?

    And honestly, I never thought I’d see the day that CCP would crack down on key broadcasting.

  3. Easy Esky says:

    Yet I wonder how many of those that support the removal isboxer will continue expecting that Eve Central be given an exception to the cache scrape regulation?

  4. Wander says:

    If you haven’t been following things, CCP is adding a market-endpoint in Rhea that will basically put a stop to the cache scraping

  5. Catalina de Erauso says:

    The abbility to parallel multibox was always a unfair competition to serial multibox. Yet forbidding parallel multibox with effects ingame opens a loophole, IMO, in which it can be disguised as serial mutlibox.

    If I issue one command to ISBoxer and it relays it to 20 accounts sequentially (say, with a interval of 0.1 seconds between each client), would it still be bannable? What it the delay was within human reaction, say, 0.4 seconds? How could CCP tell ISBox issuing a serial command from a player pressing F1-F2-F3 on ‘n’ keyboards and ‘n’ clients as fast as he can…?

    • Jivane says:

      Don’t worry. Finding synchronization (even with a delay) will be visible. A normal multiboxer (alt tabbing) will be error prone, and the execution will not be perfect (firing after reload for example).

      An isboxer one will, even with delay, not be subjected to errors due to multiboxing. This kind of comportement will be a red flag for CCP. From the top of my head, we can identify isboxer users from :
      – synchronicity (even with a delay, they will be synchrone). Everyone will fire / align / jump at the same (or near enough to not matter) time.
      – duplication of action command (they will activate the same modules in the same sequence) for the clones …

      CCP will find a way to identify isboxer users, and will track them like any other bot. If isboxer try to adapt and overcome this, by using active strategy to hide this usage (randomization …), this will only be another nail in their coffing (and definitively prove that isboxer is a bot). It’s even easier, because by proving that 2 or more clones are controlled by a player with input broadcasting, they will banned the fleet (matching accounts).

      • John says:

        Because it’s impossible to write a program to make mistakes? Oh wait…
        It’s entirely possible for a program to make random mistakes and to vary delays between key presses so it doesn’t look like its automated. The thing is, most people won’t. Anyone that’s willing to do that would be willing to bot. The people getting shafted are the guys who use isboxer to broadcast keys and do so fully adhering to the rules as laid out by CCP. Now all of a sudden the rules are changed and they are stuck with loads of useless accounts.

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