Tantas Kitchen, tullderr

Fair warning, this is a summary of the third day of the CSM summer summit, you would be far better off reading the real minutes as this is in character and mainly written because I said I would.  But the summaries are accurate for as far as they go.


“Now the last day was almost anticlimactic”  Mike said as he chopped the onions.  “Most of the big news was null plans on the second day but that doesn’t mean we were done.  We started with a conversation about the CSM itself. The Whitepaper Review.”

“You spent an hour navel gazing?”  Ruis asked as he stirred the pot.

Dumping the onions into the pot Mike nodded.  “Pretty much.  We discussed our choice to not have officers . . . ”

“I was wondering about that.  If you was to say who the officers were . . . just based on what they done so far. I wondered.”  Ruis grinned.

“Nope.  Not even gonna go there.  We worked well as people stepping up to the tasks set before us and we even have had people stepping back and down when they realized this was a bigger job than they expected.  That lead to talkin ’bout how we replace people who leave.  Then that lead to talking about elections and the fact that we better get things goin on that.  All this we want added it to the white paper, which is the document that describes what we are for and how we do things.”

Ruis tasted the stew and shook his head.  “More heat.”

“Next was the Industry Recap.”  Mike started chopping peppers of various luminous shades of red.

“Pshaw. y’all talkin bout workin and you doin none yerself.”  Tanta swept into the large kitchen like a queen arriving in her throne room, and entourage of ladies in waiting including Free and a few of Tantas dance students.

Mike laughed and swept out a plate already containing meats, cheeses and crackers.  “I was wonderin when you’d show.  Never let us cook in here wiffout some supper vising.”  He went back to chopping the peppers and flipping them towards the pot off the end of the blade.  “So we was talking about Crius and the changes it wrought.  Seems making things make sense encouraged a lot more folks to make things for themselves.  WE talked about how busy Jita is and ways that may change that.”

“Busy is good, you don’t shoe people out of the kitchen you just make sure they aren’t in the way.”  Tanta said, loading a cracker.  “Girls?  Eat, these two laggards will be at least another hour before they serve us real food.”

“Time is the one thing that cannot be rushed.  That and a decent meal.  Now where was I?  Ah, work and industry.  All in all there were things we could still ask for . . . and did but the movement all seemed in a positive direction.  Then came Starbases.”

“You mean like where Madam went to visit you?”  One of the students asked.

“No, that was a . . .well we do use the same word but context is everything, here.  There are starbases owned by the capsuleer organizations and then ones owned by mortal corporations.  In this case we talked about the capsuleer starbases, sometimes called POS’s.  Greyscale said it best

 . . . the goals were ‘starbases should primarily be a platform for doing other things from. they should give you a place to project yourself from. . . . We want progression with simpler functionality . . . – A strong sense of home. We want it to be super customizable for your needs ‘.”

“Home is good.  Roots is what make you appreciate travel.”  Tanta said.

“Oh he had a whole lot more to say on the subject.  I got the feeling this was one of his big goals in life.”  Mike was now setting up rice to cook, measuring the crowd in the kitchen and adding a few more scoops and more water to the pot.  “He wants them to be awesome and functional and all that and more so it mattered where you lived and what you did there.  We, of course agreed.  Better guns would be a good start.  You should always be able to protect your home.  And if you don’t there should be a way for others to decommission or even steal it, not just blow it up.”

“But blowing it up will still be an option, right?”  Ruis asked.

“Of course it will be.  Then we got to Veteran Player Retention which is a nice way to say we would rather the vets were less bitter and more active.  We talked a lot about what the elders wanted . . . new space, new missions, new things to do and to have done to them.  The common theme was ‘new’.  From that it was a simple segue-way into things that would be new. General Game Design.  This was where we talked about new innovations and tech.  I got to pitch the Tugboat and damn if they didn’t listen to me.”

“And why not?  I raised you ta speak well.”

“Tanta, it is kind of different talkin to folks who make the big decisions and yer juss a lil pilot.”

Her voice shifted, all her students unconsciously straightened their posture.  “Boy, there ain’t NOBODY greater or lesser than anybody else unless they let that be so.  I never raised you to be one o them who thought otherwise.”

Mike grinned.  “Yes Tanta.  So we also discussed payouts for incursions, Defender missiles and how new pilots were trained.  Off-grid boosting and flak bombs.  It was like a jam session with the powers that be and it was over far too soon.”  He sighed.  “Then we got down to specifics with Team Banana Stand”

“Who names them there groups, who?”  Ruis asked making a face.

“Beats me, I was just glad they didn’t called themselves banana hammock.”  Mike ducked the cuff aimed at the back of his head from Tanta without even looking.  “Then we talked missions and payouts as well as communications with the agents and standings.  I know it sounds really short but we went long on the details on that one.”

There was a knock on a door in the front of the house.  Tanta nodded to one of the students and she ran to answer it.  Mike continued.  “Then we talked sports. (Organized Play)  Combat sports with the folks who run the alliance tournament.  A lot of it was trying to find ways to make farm leagues and minor tourneys for less specialized pilots.  One of the men there, Gargant, said . . .

Gargant closes with a statement on his overall desire to build tournaments from the ground up, giving players the tools they need to make these things work, with automated tools and much more

And we mostly agreed with that.  Last we talked to the  Community Team who had been our hosts for the whole shebang.  We talked about the formatting of the minutes, and timeline for getting them done as well as allowing us access to some more internal communication channels with the powers that be. WE talked about the GM’s (thems the people who handle complaints) and how complaints are processed.  We . . .” He stopped as the student returned, she was very pale.

“Madam, there be a law man at the door.”

Free looked about and saw that the knife Mike had been using a moment before was now laying right by her hand.  She also noticed his jacket was now undone, allowing easy access to the holster she knew he wore.  “There ain’t much more ta tell.  Tanta, you want me to go chat with the gent?”

“My house, I greets company, myself.”  She flowed from the room and Ruis, Free, and Mike followed.  The students went elsewhere and the knife was no longer on the counter.



And that is the last day.

This was a fun thing to do but also a lot of work.  Winter will be four days of meetings.

I said I would do this and I have.  So there.

fly it like you won it


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