Questions of media

“Now the first ting ya gots ta do is decide the question they is trying to answer.”  Tanta was sitting with Free as an old comm cycled through various news feeds.  “Each media type pretty much falls into a few basic categories.”


“Well aside from ‘who be payin for all this’.  Which is USUALLY the most important one.  If it ain’t then you have either something really bad or really good.”

“Why the extremes?”  Free asked.

“Once you are released from the worries of fiscal responsibility you either become very honest or you veer into the realm of self serving and a narcissistic spiral.”  Tanta sipped her tea and smiled at the shocked look on Frees face.  “Child, I may have a down home accent but I have been paying attention a long long time.  Do not confuse my abuse of pronunciation as an indicator of my intelligence or education.”

“Mike gets it from you, then?”  Free took a cookie from the plate and smiled.

“No, he be a bit of a reverse.  He prefers not to hide things and what you see is what he is.  Just folks are so unused to that attitude that he confounds them far more than he would if he were trying to trick them.  Never have figured out where I went wrong, raising a boy to be so honest.”  She hung her head in mock shame.  “But back to the media.  Some are there for an agenda, so their question is ‘How can I change tings?’  Others, they be all about one person, a cult of personality so their question is ‘How can I be more impotant?'”

“Why do I need to know their questions and how easy are they to spot?”

“I’m not done yet.  Third type is the tinkerers.  ‘How easy is this to do?’  Then come the lesser known ‘Can anybody hear me?  and ‘What the hell be goin on?’  Now how to tell?  Easy as pie,  Listen or watch for a few minutes, iffen you have heard the who or self reference more than what they are talking about then you are in the personality type.  I once ran a studio and it had my name on the marquee in huge letters followed by ‘dance company’ in ones much smaller.  I has no idea why anybody put up with me, then.”

Free nodded and looked to the comm channels.  “Why are they cycling capsuleer news feeds and not dance?”

“Émé musta rest it when he dropped by yesterday.  We had a picnic, he and I.  I’ll set it back, later.  But they has the same questions.”  She touched a control delicately and frowned.  “He has set a new couple into the feed and this looks like . . . well, what do YOU see here?”

Free read the feed for a moment and smiled.  “Tinkerers.  Had to go a layer in to even see who was running it.  A composite feed with no original content.  Maybe a bit of ‘what the hell is going on.’  She then skimmed the subheaders and nodded.  “Yes, I see what you mean.  Doesn’t really take that long to see the questions, does it?”

“No, and once you know what the question they are asking then you can become part of what they think is the answer. THAT is how we are going to get you closer to your target.  He puts his name on every installation on every project.  So you will answer it by being another light to illuminate his genius.  But . . . ”  Tanta paused.  “I hesitates to tell a lady how to act, seeing as I am seldom a good example.  Understand that conquests are left in the dust by this sort.  If you get too ‘close’ you will be dropped and forgotten.  Stay too distant and you will be ignored.  ‘Didn’t want her, anyways.'”

Free nodded and they moved to the targets works . . . and planned.



Before you ask?  This blog, like most, is a combination of ‘can anybody hear me’ along with ‘how can I be more important’  If it was ‘what the hell is going on’ I doubt it would be written in character so much.  I make no apologies, I am what I am.

If you didn’t click the one link (above) then do, It is worth it, imho.

Spell checking hates me when I start writing in accent.

I have had a rough couple of weeks but I am seriously trying to get back to playing.

fly it like you won it



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