The Grind

He watched the man toiling away, weeding the small park garden by hand.  “They don’t pay you enough for this.”

“They don’t pay me at all.”  The man looked up.  “I do this or the weeds get the better of things and I like to see the garden looking its best.”  He stood and pointed to a complex across the square.  “I live across the way, alone now that Marie is gone.  So I can sit and wait to join her or I can find things to do.”

“But there is so much to do, why would you choose to do this job?  It is dirty, thankless work.”  Mike looked and could almost see new weeds ready to grow back.

“Well, it is something that needs doing and it is something that I can do.  If this was a job, sure, it would be a tough one.  It ain’t.  It is something I choose to do and that makes ALL the difference in the world.  Oh, there are days where it seems . . .whats that word you kids use?  A Grind.  But I get satisfaction when it is all right there or something blossoms that I have been working hard to keep going.  I am sure whatever you do for a living seems a grind, at times but if you are doing the right job you make it through, knowing that it will be worth it.”  He leaned back and stretched his arms out.  “I still am waiting to join her, but I might as well make myself useful in the meantime.”

Mike smiled and thought of Dee.  “I get that.”

The mans voice softened.  “I see that you do.”  He plucked a blossom from one of the trees without even looking back.  “Give this to her, or him, whoever it is you just thought of.  If they cannot take it for . . . reasons . . well you put it in some water and keep it for them.  When the grind begins to get you down, boy, you just remember you are filling the time till better comes along.”



This one I started writing without knowing where it was going.  Probably a story my wife told of my father last night had something to do with it.  He would show up and help folks in the neighbourhood, just pick up a shovel or a hammer and help.  Refused payment, just wanted to keep busy.

When I am playing, at times I mine.  It is not flashy, exotic, it is a grind.  But then I relax and enjoy the peace. I talk to folks as I slowly gather veldspar.  It becomes less of a grind and just something I do, waiting.

Dirty, thankless work.  We all have some.  I’d include CSM’ing but I do get very nice thanks for that from players who drop me notes.  Oh a few others tell me that I am useless or worse but not enough to worry me.  If you are in a corp or an alliance find out who has the worst job, the hardest worker, and make sure he or she is thanked.  But IF they have been at the job for a long time they probably have found their rhythm and it isn’t that much of a grind, for them.

Thank them anyways

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to The Grind

  1. Mack says:

    Thanks, Mike! BTW you know you play EVE the wrong way. Shame on you. 😉 This is a PVP game.
    Enjoy your blog, especially the “lessons” section.

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