Easy come, Easy go

He closed the market comms and sighed.  The amount of things that passed through his hands made him wonder if he needed to be . . . different.  The wallet balance was back to its anemic levels but he had done what he said he would do . . . and that meant something.  To him.

He had collected the ransom for a former CSM member to the tune of 25 Billion.  When the time came he had passed it across without a moments hesitation.  It was not his isk, never had been, so he was losing nothing any more than a pipe loses the water that passes through it.

The ships, he had only promised one in a draw but he had decided to sweeten the pot as it had taken so long to get around to it.  So three Daredevils left his Jita hanger to the winners, Kirith, Tenar, and Alundil.  That hurt a BIT more as they had been his.

Then there he was, sitting in Jita.  How could he not do a bit of shopping?  A shade over 100mill later he realized he was being silly and closed the comms.  “I am gonna have to catch up with the fleet for a few more hours.”

That might balance things out . . . might.



‘pass the potatoes’ ‘pass the gravy’ last weekend was Canadian thanksgiving.  When you poass something across the table you don’t suddenly clutch it and crow ‘mwa ha haaaa, mine, mine mine’.    well, I don’t, anyways.

I am glad Silvas character went to Rixx and I hope the technicals clear up on that one.

Congrats to the winners.  Fly them in good health

Latest threadnaught I am in?  Stealth Bombers.  I dislike being told I know nothing of them but I survive.  I wenty and chatted with bombers bar right after the thread came out and if any other groups want me to come on comms and get an earful or just want to evemail me, feel free.  Kinda what I do, eh?

fly it like you won it


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