Windows. It is the little things that you miss in space. He luxuriated in the simple decadence of watching traffic pass and a cool breeze on his shoulder. Sipping water he reviewed the past few days.

People. Because they were always the key. The contacts to the council were a fun pair whom Mike assumed never slept. At least the evidence supported that supposition. They both wore their hair styles in ways that made them easily found in a crowd. The rest of the Council spent an evening getting to know each other before the actual meetings commenced. Some Mike knew from previous summits but the others were new to him.  The industrialist reminded Mike of the previous chairman and proved to be quiet until things that he had direct knowledge of were bought up. When that happened he would be animated and engaging, almost laughing as he explained or suggested. The wormhole represented was of a more serious demeanor but he always seemed quick to point at incursions anytime that wh income was mentioned. Mike chuckled at the pattern of defense and then moved on to examine the low sec representative. She was quiet and almost too easily interrupted, Mike tried to make a point of allowing her speaking time and space but this environment wasn’t conducive to that style. The other Goon was also quiet spoken but when he spoke it was with a voice of depth and authority.  Mike grinned, remembering the man’s reaction to Mike was ‘You’re an anarchist! ‘ (considering it Mike decided that,  in the leader’s eyes the label was probably accurate. )

Topics were far ranging and not as contentious as one might expect. Mikes proudest moment was managing to pitch a new ship concept,  codenamed Tugboat, and not be dismissed out of hand. He spoke often, laughing at the pundit who once said that ‘unless you have lived it then shut up’. Mike had been elected to represent the silent and he did that by refusing to be so.

Of course, not all business was in the meeting room.  Chats over meals or drinks were an opportunity to get the ear of people in the know or to get pointed in the right direction to push an agenda. Side projects were set up and promises of further assistance acquired.

The breeze had dropped a few degrees and the rooms heating was now fighting to maintain a balance. He looked over the ground effect vehicles as his mind wandered.  Balance, that was the key.  The council members had been chosen for that quality and they had tried to keep it as a key concept in their deliberations.  Not all of the greater population would be happy with the results of the summit but that was to be expected and if it were otherwise then something would probably be seriously wrong.

Expectation management. I hope you are not expecting huge changes to happen instantly.

The summit was good but . . . Changes are scary for a lot of folks

Stop asking us to break NDA. If we do we might set the CSM process back years and I don’t want that to happen. Tightropes are walked by some of us or we ask for specific permission to say things. CCP always wants to be able to control their own message and I don’t blame them.

Example: I asked to be allowed to mention that I got to pitch the tugboat.

When I get back I will hand out the ship I promised a few weeks ago

Fly it like you won it


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6 Responses to Windows

  1. Vivi says:

    In the event that you can answer vague-ish questions without compromising NDA:

    Would you say that CCP and the CSM walked out of the summit with a mutual understanding of the right direction the game needs to move toward?

    Would you say that each area in Eve has positive things to look forward too based on the conversation at the summit or was the conversation more specific to high profile areas of Eve?

    Is this “tugboat” idea about filling a void between ship classes, a ship type to add to the player’s skill aspect like the stealth bomber, or something to change up the existing mechanics?
    (For practicality, I will assume the answer to these questions is “NDA”)


  2. If the “tugboat” he refers to is the one I think it is, toward the top of the Assembly Hall section of the forum as “[PROPOSAL] Support Tug Vessel

  3. Easy Esky says:


    The power of Mittans compels you!
    Chant this, sprinkle with moon goo, and spirit of carebear the exorcised.

  4. Quiet and almost to easily interrupted. I will disagree with your observation and remember to be rude in the future. Maybe I will take up yelling as well.

  5. randommcnally says:

    Nice overview, Mike. WTB Sugar Kyle yelling video!

    Also, WTB NEW shiny Tugboat. Will name the first one “the Azariah”

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