Packing interrupted.

He tossed things towards the bag, planning on folding them once he had everything he wanted.  Every now and then he would consult a list and go looking for something else.  Finally he looked at the pile, his bag, and back to the pile and sighed.  Now it was time to remove things.

The comm flickered incessantly.  It seemed that everybody had an axe to grind just as he was trying to find a moment to spare.  He sat down to see what the fuss was.  One member of the council out, another in.  No huge changes and he opened some lines to chat with the new guy and get to know him a little.

The bag sat, half packed.

The station where he was had environmental controls.  But he would not be going to a station and he remembered to check the weather . . . more clothes hit the pile.

The comm flickered even faster.  More exits, only these were not voluntary.  Bans of pilots happened often, usually in relation to illegal isk laundering but these, somehow, did not appear to be the same.  The most fuss was caused, of course, by those who thought that they might be next.  Mike grinned and wrote a short opinion piece for them which of course . . . missed the mark.  He wrote a second more pointed comment but it was washed away by moderators of the comms.  He shrugged and turned back to his bag.  “Folks come and go from the space-ways.”

He was packing his notes for the summit when he realized he still could ask for some more opinions.  He chuckled about one of his own favourite things, numbers, and put a call out.  “Graphs and facts . . . they better than opinion and supposition any day.”  Glancing through his book he annotated a few scribbles and checked a few more against the agenda he had received.  “Dis one I try for here, and this one over there.”  He wondered if the agenda would be made public but then shrugged as that was not part of his job.

His DA chimed and spoke.  “12 hours to departure.”

“Nag nag nag.”  He looked at the pile and sighed.  “Not that I don’t need it.  Acknowledged.”

He started folding, rolling, tucking and stuffing.  “Like working a wormhole” he muttered checking the mass of the bag judiciously.



Yeah, I am doing this instead of actually packing.  I am foolish that way.

I have been busy following the forum threadnaughts and commenting where I can.  I found it funny that I was removed by ISD for what I thought was an ok comment but it is not worth arguing (nor would it be fruitful)

So Summit in a few days.  I have my book of doom and notes packed.  If only I could find my damn camera.  Understand folks I will be a bit harder to connect with though I will try to watch my skype and evemail when I can.  We meet Wed Thurs Friday so if you have last minute notes for me, send em in.  I will even try to check here.

Guys, this is your chance to be heard (aside from the election)  Both of you who read this should speak up.

fly it like you won it.



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11 Responses to Packing interrupted.

  1. Billy says:

    Make sure you take the time to enjoy the trip.Its not everyday you get an all expenses paid trip to Iceland.

    While you are there would you kindly get CCP to reverse the Mass distance jumps in wormholes.


  2. Vivi says:

    When you introduce yourself at the summit:
    Mike Azariah of House DemSal, First of His name, Member of the CSM, Master of Blogging,
    Bane of Incursions, and Protector of New Eden.

    And remember, what do we say to the god of nerfing? Not today.
    Valar Dohaeris o7

  3. Easy Esky says:

    Another day another threadnaught? You have a stronger stomach than me Mike.

    Somedays I think these things occur so the sadists and psychopaths can make CCP jump through some hoops. Familiarity breeds contempt afterall. So after all the ganking and bumping and burning and scamming; the player base maybe developing some callus for the callous.

    Have a safe flight Mike, I assume your attendance presages some remaining impact to High Sec?

    • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

      Well, incursions as an income stream has been ruined by the players far worse than anything that CCP could imagine in their wildest dreams, and high sec industry and missions have already been hammered. Not sure what else CCP can do to high sec, but I am sure the cartels will let them know what needs to be done further to high sec. How about doubling Concord response times so griefers only need a half as large a fleet? Or converting all missions into burner missions, thereby ending all L4 solo missioning?

      And the PCU keeps declining.

  4. The only things I can think of are large, not small, but you’re the man especially for the first one:

    1) I like where CCP Rise is going with his proposed NPE overhaul, but I’m worried that it’s a much bigger project than he thinks it is. Help the guy out!

    2) Find a way to make space vast again. I don’t mean more systems, I mean right now solar systems are like buildings in other MMOs. Solar systems! It hugely reduces the potential locations for conflict, and it hurts the little guy. Cat-and-mouse play is not so interesting when the mouse has nowhere to hide.

  5. Vivi says:

    …So how did it go?
    Did everyone play nice?
    Will you be on Podside tonight to talk about some of the chaos that ensued? 🙂
    Hope you had time to enjoy yourself. o7

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