OOC How to ask

Now before I begin I want to lay down one basic tenet I have taught my daughters.  It never hurts to ask because if you don’t ask then you are much less likely to get.  But that does not mean screaming ‘gimme gimme gimme’ is gonna net you anything either.

This is the forum post that started me writing this, but since it is post 967 in a 59 page threadnaught I am going to assume a LOT of you missed it.  So for all my readers (both of you) this will get the information a bit more disseminated.

1)  Stay calm.  People block out screaming rage monkeys and move on or grab popcorn and place bets as to how long till they burst a vein.  What they don’t do is listen to the content.  You might as well be yelling that the Kaiser wants your string.  Calm.

2) Sauce.  If you are venturing a wild ass guess, personal anecdote, or graffiti you read on a bathroom stall . . . fine.  But that will not get a lot of traction with people who deal with numbers and facts.  “Everybody is unsubbing” is easily proven or disproven.  Do so.  Show your work, show the math, show the source.  This is true when I am marking math and physics and it is true with posts as well.

3)  Suggest.  And not in vague terms.  I take people to task for saying ‘fix null’ because that is not a plan, it is a goal.  Specifics, dammit.  ‘The drone bay is too small’ would be better phrased. ‘make the drone bay 150 m3’

4)  Ramifications.  Sure having a freighter with a sig size of 7 and a warp speed of 25 au/sec would be nice but what effect would it have on other parts of the game?  Are you looking at the whole game or just your little piece of it?

5) Write well, spell and format the sucker.  make it easy to read so people do.  Hard to believe but I have found that even some DEVS are people.  The rest are lizards in people suits.  Watch the eyes THE EYESSSSS.  

6) A tiny bit of back-reading would help.  Is yours a new idea or is it the proverbial dead horse.  If you have listened to Podside you know I am not against going over old topics in hopes of shaking something new out but I do do my reading and ask questions in hopes of a new idea.

I use this as often as I can, when dealing with people who write me new ideas and when talking to CCP.  The better you use this sort of thing the better your ideas are received and the more you can get done.

It is not rocket science, even if we are talking about internet spaceships.  Common courtesy . . . isn’t that common.  But you do get listened to when you use a modicum of it.  Unless you are on Podside, then you HAVE to bull over the other speakers at times or you will never be heard.

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to OOC How to ask

  1. Vivi says:

    In the interest of making myself heard [and yes, I did post this on the forums] I have a suggestion for power projection. Capitals [,Titan bridges, and jump bridge networks] are allowing unreasonably high access to mass transit. In the spirit of not nerfing things into the ground, I suggest adding in a variable to the equation. Side effects for multiple jump drive/Titan bridge/jump bridge usage.

    Every jump could stack on a few more percentage points of side effects [ex. 2.5% sig radius/align time/targeting range/etc. penalty or a combination of penalties] with a timer that could stack as well. [Timer could be linear or exponential.]

    The idea is to add ‘calculated risk’ to mass transit which effects [or affects, which ever is grammatically correct] tactical strategy [ship doctrines, distance willing to travel, early deployment [in preparation of a fight, etc.] and risk vs. reward. [Risk = penalties, reward = killing enemy ships quicker/easier.]

    There is probably a massive oversight on my part somewhere in here, but I haven’t heard this idea/suggestion anywhere and it would allow for “business as usual” but now with an actual cost associated with it.

    • mikeazariah says:

      The fun thing about reading multiple threads is that things start to cross over. What if we combined the wh mass spew with your gathering side effect. Multiple jumps increased your inaccuracies?


      • Vivi says:

        That is an interesting idea. My only issue is that instead of the “wait timer” some players have suggested, this method has you wait for the fleet to form up….again…..and again…

        But on the bright side, having half the fleet get caught by an enemy gang would make for interesting gameplay…especially if that fleet was supposed to be the back up for another fleet. 🙂

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Some of us have realized that the dev’s only listen to those that further serve the dev’s own agenda and pet projects, and refuse to listen to ANY opposition of their plans, unless it is completely overwhelming.

    And that is one of the reasons that forum activity is down (l do remember how quickly threads dropped from the 1st page, and how many inane threads like who is the best-looking toon) stick around, which grouped with the PCU, and CCP’s refusal to publish sub numbers, point to just how many accounts are being dropped. greyscale and the other null sec dev’s have wrecked high sec, and null sec stagnation is awful, thanks to CCP catering to the cartels, and now CCP reaps the whirlwind.

    Only thing that will likely save Eve and CCP is for the investors to step in, fire upper management, wipe out any dev who has displayed outrageous bias, and completely overhaul the prevailing corporate culture at CCP. Having seagull cater even more to the cartels with new gates completely under the control of said cartels is complete madness, and demonstrates the total disconnect upper management has with STILL the largest portion of their sub base.

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