OOC Just because I’ve said nothing

Does not mean that I’ve have done nothing.

Or that we (the CSM) have been slacking off. Far from it.  Thing is, as usual, we have little we can bring before you until CCP devs say it first.  It is part of the deal of being on the CSM and the dreaded three letters, NDA.

Sometimes we have been listened to, sometimes we have not.  But then this happens in any relationship (Those of you who are married know what I mean) Some topics of discussion wil never see the light of day and it is supposed to be that way.  As a result things look quiet, from the outside.

But here we are, three months in and rapidly approaching the first summit for CSM9.  Topics are being chosen, positions being built.  We have survived TWO releases, Kronos and Crius, and are rapidly approaching a third, Hyperion.  With quicker turnaround our topics shift and grow and if they are not talking about something you know a lot about . . . wait five minutes.  But do not wait too long . . . or the topic will shift again.

Fortunately we have had managed to maintain a good turnaround time with the CSM being there for questions from CCP.  Sometimes it is just a chat pointer to the forums for us to comment before they go public soon after.  By soon it could be hours, not days.  I marvel at how fast things do change and the turnaround of work that I see from my side of the fence.

There are times that I hate the NDA.  When I am on a podcast (like Podside, for example) and I have to quiet down just as the discussions hit interesting topics because I don’t want to wander too close to things I know or should not talk about.  I have a WIDE span for those rules so you cannot use my silence as a ‘getting warmer’ type indicator. But silence . . . I am a chatty kind of guy and so you should know and understand that if I am not chatting with you I am probably finding some other outlet for my voice.

Yup, send sympathy notes to Fozzie, Leeloo, Falcon, Rise, Logibro et al

fly it like you won it




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17 Responses to OOC Just because I’ve said nothing

  1. Space Noob says:

    The CSM: like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

  2. I’ve got the utmost faith in you, otherwise I would have voted for someone else.

  3. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I see that Incursions are getting nerfed in 15 days. Guess that was the tradeoff I warned you about as soon as you started your thread about changes players would like to see for Incursions. As soon as seagull states in the new dev blog “Hyperion also brings other changes to the enemies and rewards from Incursion sites. Stay tuned for a dev blog.”, that means a nerf in effective income. I started a thread on the forums asking for what the over / under is on effective income. I am betting about 25%.

  4. Vivi says:

    I have a stupid idea. 😀

    You should have a “Guess what the CSM’s EULA is” segment on Podside. People ask yes or no questions and when you can’t answer because of the CSM’s EULA than we can finally get a vague idea of what it actually says.

  5. randommcnally says:

    I’ve often thought what a blessing it would be to be a CSM member. Having that view behind the curtain and knowing whats to come.

    Then, I realize what a curse it must be. Having that view behind the curtain and knowing whats to come and not being allowed to talk about it.

  6. BewareTheSilence says:

    “Just because I’ve said nothing … Does not mean that I’ve have done nothing.”

    Neither is it encouraging or evident of your accomplishments. The CSM as a whole has been disturbingly silent as of late on matters of any import. For a body that is supposed to provide transparency, the glass is getting pretty thick and dark.

    • mikeazariah says:

      What would you have of us, then?

      Ask some of the people who have written to us about specific issues whether we respond. Ask CCP if we have brought specifics to them. Talk to the people you voted for (I am working on the assumption you voted)

      What issue would you like to hear about?


      • BewareTheSilence says:

        “Ask some of the people who have written to us about specific issues whether we respond”

        Have you been publishing those specific issues and responses where others can view them? For every player who brings you a specific issue, there are likely many more who have the same issue, but have not said anything. Why should I track down and ask these individuals whether you have been doing anything, and how should I know who they are if you haven’t said anything about them?

        “Ask CCP if we have brought specifics to them.”

        Have you been communicating those specifics to the players? Why should I ask CCP anything, when it is your responsibility to let us know what you have been up to?

        Frankly, this whole response speaks of laziness. Expecting the players to have to investigate by talking to CCP and tracking down unknown individuals to find out whether their CSM members have been doing anything is ridiculous. If there is anything going on, you should be the ones to tell us. The fact that you seem to think otherwise is very disturbing.

      • BewareTheSilence says:

        No response, huh? Again, silence speaks volumes.

  7. mikeazariah says:

    Actually I am trying to figure out whose word you would trust. Not mine bevcasuse it is in my best interest to say that I am doing soemthing. Not CCP because they are also ‘in on it’.

    I will NOT purposely break NDA to prove a point. You can take that to the bank so I suppose you are right in that the silence allows you to draw your own conclusions since you will not bother to ask any others.

    I, myself, will continue to work in the forums, talk to players in fleets and seek out opinions, even yours. I will talk to CCP in meetings and at the summit. In channels and in private forums.

    I have let you know what I have been up to, if you were paying attention. I have been active in projects that I set before CCP and in responding to their requests for opinion on such things as the Somer incident, recently.

    But a lot of things happen below the waterline, quietly in the background, which is what this post was referring to

    Oh, and for the most part, when someone writes me a private mail I am not one to publish it to show off. I leave that level of showmanship to others. I amswer it and if it starts a larger ball rolling then I will make the issue as public as I may.


    • BewareTheSilence says:

      What I trust is more details than just a claim that “we’ve been doing stuff.”

      So far as not publishing stuff to “show off,” you’re really going to have to make up your mind. First you tell us that if we want to know what you’ve been up to, that we have to “ask some of the people who have written to us about specific issues whether we respond”. Then you say that you won’t publish anything about these conversations. So how on earth are we supposed to ask these people what’s going on if we have no way of knowing who they are? Making claims and then offering unaccessible evidence to back them up is ridiculous.

      If you really want to promote transparency of the CSM, then you are going to have to start putting out more details than just “being quiet doesn’t mean we’re not doing anything” or “ask someone else (other players or CCP) what we’ve been doing.” I seriously hope you realize how inane and insulting these sorts of comments are! If my boss came to me and asked me to show him what I’d been working on, and I told him to leave me alone and instead go ask one of my coworkers what I’d been up to, do you think that would go over very well? In essence, that’s what you have done here.

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