OOC Earned

There is a mantra in Eve or Risk vs Isk.  It is the yardstick we seem to measure activities against.  I am not pointing fingers because I have been guilty of the same thing at times or tried to contort what I was talking about to fit that paradigm.

My mistake was pointed out to me in a recording of the High Drag podcast last night.  While some activities are won through the gamble of risk for isk a lot of it is made ‘the old fashioned way’.  The player works and is rewarded.  Whether said work is risky or monotonous is not the issue. Whether they enjoy it or it is an odious asd repetitive task is also not part of this debate. Use the word ‘grind’ if you want but remember many of us use the same term to describe how we earn our pay cheques. (I am Canadian and that is how I spell it, so there)

Miners are doing something and reaping a minor reward for it.  Return is dependent on where they do that mining but there is not an intrinsic payoff for running close to the edge.  Null miners find better minerals but they may be safe as houses, deep in their own territory.  IF you though risk should determine where the best stuff was then mining resources would move to where the most miners die.  I doubt that would be deep in any blue doughnut.  But their organizations do not want risk so they worked hard to have intel channels and stations and space they could call their own for the miners to be in.  The isk is not risked it was earned.

Incursions, my work, may not be the riskiest although there is risk involved.  But I have been with them from the start and I KNOW the amount of work that went into forming the communities, building doctrine, training FC’s and learning to work together.  I do not argue that they have the risk in the same way they did, back in the day.  I am saying that they are reaping what they have sown.  They earned it through the groundwork of the early days.

So now, when I see an argument about risk/isk I am going to run it through the ‘yes but did they earn it carefully rather than take the big chances’ filter.  The game is not about putting it all on the line every damn time you want to make isk.  What the game IS about is another thing I am working on.  More on that later

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to OOC Earned

  1. randommcnally says:

    Thank you, again, for being part of our podcast. The door is always open for you.

    Also glad that our little podcast helped on a perspective that you can use to filter. Means that we’re doing something right.

  2. Easy Esky says:

    I have always regarded industry as primarily effort equals reward. When mining earned next to nothing several years ago I never heard any of the mantra of risk vs reward. The common eve-o forum response was “go do missions instead”. I am wondering when I signed up to play Wall Street Online? Did I miss a turn at Albuquerque?

  3. Vivi says:

    Income inequality…They haven’t fixed it in the real world so I’m not really surprised about income inequality in a video game.

    I assume CCP will address some of this soon™ when they start getting into modifying PVE in general/making PVE more similar to PVP…

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