Patience, in the market

Mike watched as the shuttle boarded below and sighed.  “I worry about this new union thing that hires the best workers we have and contracts them out to the highest bidders. Makes me feel that we may lose something in the process.”

Scotty’s reflection nodded beside him.  “You really think so?”

“Probably not.  Oh, where they go will be an advantage, sure ’nuff.  But there are always advantages to be had.  I’ll stay round here and keep doing what I always do.  If prices and the market change then I will see how the new winds blow and where they carry me.”

“Not gonna react right away?”

“I have old materials, old stock.  If I keep selling at my current prices then I will keep making the profits I set up long ago.  If the markets move and materials get more expensive then I will be factoring that in . . . when it is time.”

“Some people try to up the price long before they get new stock.”  Scotty said softly.

“Ayup.  Seen that sort of thing all of my life.  Don’t mean I have to do it as well.  If I stay at my price point and they all jack theirs who will be the one selling?  I expect the market will be full of watchers and jumpers over the next couple o months.  Like the smarties who try to trick fools by crying about leaps in Plex prices, just so they can create a jump that can be profited off of.  Pump and dump?  I don’t know.  I sell at a fair profit and move on.”

“You haven’t been moving much, lately.”  Scotty pointed out.

“Yeah, well I been busy with things.  Chatting with folks and trying to make for a decent proposal with the powers that be.”

Scotty shook his head.  Honest and hard working, no wonder the man beside him was considered an oddity.



Price of crude oil goes up and gas prices jump instantly.  Same thing with T2’s.  No WAY that it is a true indicator but just some folks playing with the market.

Ride it and make isk, if that is your sort of thing.  Just remember that there are some old warhorses in this throughbred race and we may try to add a measure of sanity to the market in our own patient ways.

Things I LIKE about Crius industry

The UI

Not having to click 10 or 11 times to invent 1` thing

memory in the processes

drag and drop blueprints to the industry ui to start a process.

yeah, I am in the forums reading the doom and gloom prophesies . . . but I am old.  I have lived through over 5 dozen predicted ends of the world and I am still here.

eve is dying?  Yeah, so?  To quote far wiser folks, from the moment we are born we begin to die.  In my opinion you can lie down and wait for it or dance your way to the final resting place.  Or again, going for better words . . .

play eve

fly it like you won it



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5 Responses to Patience, in the market

  1. Vivi says:

    – I heard raised voices.
    Mike: What did you hear? Speak.
    – N-nothing important. That is, I heard a good deal about the market, and a CCP overlord, and something about the end of EVE Online, but nothing important. Please, Mr. Azariah, sir, don’t hurt me. Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural.

    Seemed appropriate.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yeah, but in my opinion Sam wound up being right, most of the time and the bravest of the lot of them


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:


    Sure, the markets are flat nuts right now, some stuff going up, some going down.

    But that is not the problem. The problems are, as I and many others predicted, is that the release had more bugs than a Cold War Russian hotel, with some huge problems. (I wonder how many dev’s have had their summer vacations cancelled?) But those enough have been enough to see a lot of high sec indy players publicly proclaim they are quitting.

    And THAT is BEFORE the real impact of this disaster is felt. I was looking at some of the T2 BPC’s I ran out of time on getting built before Crius hit. The 50-60% increase in materials are making them completely unprofitable. Have a look at T2 Nano Adaptives, or T2 Shield stuff, and look at the profit margins today. You will counter and say prices will increase. No, they won’t, at least not enough The null sec cartel industrial consortiums are just getting geared up, and their much lower cost products have not hit the market yet. When it does, the last remaining high sec indy guys will do the math, and say “see ya”.

    And those casual players you purport to represent, well, they are not the ones who take to the forums to voice their displeasure. No, they simply stop playing, and their subs slowly lapse out. The PCU already shows the impact of the null sec malaise plus the “early adapter” high sec players packing it in. When the high sec players who don’t read the forums fully understand what has happened to them, they too will drop out, and you can forget about a autumn recovery in the PCU.

  3. Catalina de Erauso says:

    CCP Seagull is the ne wEP, she says that next patch will include new missions.

    I am debating between sense and passion. My sense says that no, they will not be more Level 4 added to the ages old roll. My passion says they will be something better. Then my sense says they will follow the latest developments and will be a kind of stuff no serious mission runner would touch with a ten foot pole. Then my passion says…

    Can you provide any non-NDA clues, Mike?

  4. randommcnally says:

    *smiles as he sits on his ever growing pile of T2 stuffs. Soon…soon the market will be cleared of pre-Crius thingies and then it’s time to pounce*

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