OOC: CSM active comms

It seems that summer is when we take on projects, thuings to do while CCP is in a quieter state due to various vacations.  Last year I went so far as to make  powerpoint presentation that I have no idea if it was seen by more than myself.  But I did do it and I had a small measure of pride in the work.

This year I am a bit more public on my project and have had a lot of chances to talk to folks and take in their input on incursions.  But a side effect of the project IS the communication.  Fleet after fleet have told me that they appreciate being approached, asked.  I tell them that taking their suggestions does not mean change is in the offing and that I am doing this because I want to.  But they seem to just like having a chance to be heard.

Dammit, I have run quite a few compaigns (and lost the majority of them) but I have always said I would be there for the players.  Why am I just realizing that sometimes being there is not enough, I have to go bang on doors and ask the bloody questions myself.

A few folks write to me and other CSM folks, out of the blue, but relative to the population, not enough.  I try my best to reply to most of them (unless another CSM member already has).  One or two have expressed frustration with me as I don’t manage to get the instant change or response they were hoping for.  (I cannot stop an expansion nor can I grab the security team by the ear and force them to go after the specific bots you know of)


Here is the question for you.

I have spoken to some fleets about incursions but when I finish this project who should I seek out and talk to NEXT.  What group or comms would like an ear to bend and a person to relay their concerns?

and yes, I chose a sloth on purpose.

fly it like you won it


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21 Responses to OOC: CSM active comms

  1. Booster manufacturers, distributors and users.

  2. Red says:

    turn highsec into wow

  3. Jon Illat says:

    While I assume the responses would be similar from the incursion runners in terms of changes to communication options, I would love to see what NPSI communities (Spectre Fleet, RvB Ganked, Redemption Road etc) would like changed.

    One thing that I would love to see is the option for groups (joined like joining a mailing list perhaps?) to be able to have events on the calendar, like corps and alliances currently can do. It would make keeping track of the different fleets a lot easier, something that I sometimes find a bit hard when trying to figure out which fleet was being held when.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Mangala has been working this project. Public fleets and communities really really do deserve some work and love. I approved of this in previous summit and hope we get a chance to push that button again.

      It need spushing to the forefront to allow a small measure of organization to players who do not want to sign on for a logn term but fly an npsi or whatever.


      • Jon Illat says:

        That’s awesome to hear. I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with current events over the last couple of months, I must have missed that notice. I like what you’ve been doing with talking to the incursion communities, I’ll be interested to see if anything comes from it.

  4. RobAryeeArc says:

    CCP Rise talked about the New Player Experience at the last Fanfest. Although Ali Aras is the “new player representative” I feel the NPE is too big for just one CSM. My proof of that is CCP Rise’s presentation. He stated they don’t normally show things to the players that haven’t even stated yet, and yet he was still allowed to do the presentation in the attempt to start a conversation with the players sooner. (aka more feed back + sooner = they know it’s going to be difficult.)

    If you put out a call on Podside asking listeners to tell their noob friends to give some feed back, I think you could make some worth while discoveries to help the overall discussion move in the right direction.

    The reason why I suggest this (even though CCP is working on this) is that CCP has a history of not communicating well enough and noobs need to be “walked up to” and talked to differently than veteran players.

    • RobAryeeArc says:

      Forgot to mention, I would like to hear a Podside episode on possibilities for what the New Player Experience could be. Part of creative problem solving means throwing out ideas. Even a bad idea can lead to a great idea.

      • mikeazariah says:

        I’ll see if I can guide the podside in that direction but you may also want to check out the next highdrag, I think they are doing a newb rich discussion though I haven’t heard it yet


  5. Catalina de Erauso says:

    If you want a pocket of previously untapped player opinion, engage hisec mission runners. They are the definition of a unrepresented majority. As a collateral, maybe then you would stop suggesting to use PvP fits for PvE. 😉

    (I apologyze if it wasn’t you, but from what I’ve read, *someone* seeded such idea into CCP’s naive ears…)

    • RobAryeeArc says:

      Cataina is right that mission runners(high sec players in general) NEED to be heavily included because they make up the majority of the player base ($$$$$). If they join in the conversation, they can help CCP understand a range of risk they could live with. But at the same time, everyone needs to except the fact that a $3 billion isk ratting fit makes you a big juicy target.

      Eve was originally intended to be a PvP oriented game, but CCP being CCP made ratting/mission running very different from the way players fit a ship for PvP. Mission runners are associated with “when you die, you should immediately get everything back for free” mentality. In order to continue EVE’s unique take on gaming [risk vs. reward] the PVE aspect needs to change. You can see CCP beginning to do that with the Mordu’s Legion in low sec and with the ESS in null sec.

      And the idea of reducing NPC rats while increasing the difficulty and bounties plus having PVE ships require a distruptor or scrambler to hold the NPC rat down is a wonderful idea. It gives PVE players a sense of what PVP is like and, when the day comes, they will have a better understanding of how to defend themselves.

      • Catalina de Erauso says:

        Don’t you think that if they wanted to do PvP, they would do PvP? And conversely, if they do PvE it’s because they like PvE combat a it is now?

        PvE combat is a specialization, removing it will not lure the players to PvP, will just evict them from the game.

      • RobAryeeArc says:

        Of course if player want to PvP they would do PvP. But that doesn’t stop things like Burn Jita from happening to industrialist/logistics/marketeers/PVE loot + salvage selling, and that’s the point of why the two should have similarities.

        As Aragorn said, “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.”
        Even in high sec, no one is completely safe.

      • Druur Monakh says:

        Not that anybody is still reading this…

        > Don’t you think that if they wanted to do PvP, they would do PvP?

        That is not the point.

        The point is that the schism between PvErs and PvPers would be smaller if EVE PvE actually utilized PvP mechanics. PvErs would have the skills and tools to defend themselves should they get ninjaed by a PvPers; and conversely, PvP ninjas would actually have to outsmart mostly the PvEers, and not Concord.

  6. mikeazariah says:

    trick is finding ratters in any sized group as opposed to one on one, by their very nature they are hard to ‘group’


    • RobAryeeArc says:

      Some of the best times I’ve had in the game was when I was about 6 months old and my corp would group rat in null. Just a kitchen sink fleet and chatting away in comms. Learned a lot about the individual ships and mods that way. As are skill points went up we got to the point were we needed 2 Noctii (one with tractor beams, one with T2 salvage rigs) to keep up with loot and salvage. Fun times.

  7. Suzuka says:

    I would like to see you work on balancing all forms of PVE income. From my perspective, CCP has a habit of introducing new forms of PVE and each one always seems to progressively be better sources of isk/hr.

    There is a lot that can be looked into:
    – What does the hierarchy of isk/hr look like on TQ today? (Basically look at all the PVE content and rank them but not just vertically but horizontally as well. Don’t forget that some content (ie. belt ratting) can take place in multiple different parts of space, aka this should be a chart FILLED with stuff.)
    – What should the hierarchy of isk/hr actually look like? (This can be done from the point of view of both the players and CCP.)
    – How should CCP go about nerfing and buffing to achieve what they deem as the ‘ideal balance’ between all the different forms of PVE?

    I feel PVE balancing and changes to mission, anom, and incursion sites (changes to rat AI, spawning patterns, etc) would make a great expansion.

    Thanks for all that you have done and will do, Mike.
    Suzuka o7

  8. Druur Monakh says:

    Totally unrelated to this post…

    I just listened to High-Drag 37 – that story about the couple eyeing the CSM table with violence in their eyes… :)))

    • Druur Monakh says:

      PS. Yes, there will be other opportunities, but are they going to be feasible? I am not involved in industry myself personally at the moment, but even I can see that there is the danger that Crius might wipe out the “middle class” – i.e. the people who are smart enough to know about things like “profit”, “revenue”, and “opportunity cost”, but at the same time simply don’t have the volume or mobility to compete with the established large-scale producers (read: 10 items/month vs. 1000+ items/month).
      I can see the appeal of the new industry system, especially to Excel warriors, but will it pan out in the long run for the less-fanatic players?
      Interesting times…

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