The surveillance was professional and very covert.  They had long since given up on electronics as the old woman swept for them more often than she did for dust.  But the older methods worked just as well.

“Rotate teams now.  I want images of the new girl sent out.  Keep back, I do not want to see what those guys are carrying under their jackets.”

-probably just another one of her dancing students-

“Yeah?  Name me the last time SHE came out to meet a student.”

-good point, images sent . . . woah, that was fast.  and not good.  possible ID given, Minnie assassin codename Free-

“Assassin?  Confirm.  Now is she after Her or working with Her?”

-think the boys would let an assassin that close?  questions is, who does She want dead bad enough to bring in outside talent?-

“Better question, who is it that She won’t handle herself and would bother looking outside for help.”

-i don’t like that question, it implies waaaay too many things.-

“All units pull back and vanish, full briefing in 6 hours.  I am kicking this one upstairs but we may get retasked.”



Just because direct action is not taken does not mean that you are not being watched.  Ibt may mean they are good at what they do OR that they just have not yet decided IF they are going to do anything.

If this makes you slightly more paranoid then . . . good.  I have done my job

fly it like you won it




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2 Responses to Spectators

  1. RobAryeeArc says:

    I think you just encouraged every conspiracy theory known to man…
    Or you are talking about CCP’s development process…
    Or you are referring to the coup d’état that’s about to happen in EVE…
    Or you are just pouring a glass of cool-aid and seeing who will drink it…

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