Fighting the inevitable

“What do you mean, no disguise?  You always travel with one.”

Free snorted.  “I have serious doubts that it would fool anyone related to Him.  Especially HER.”

The tech could hear the capitals in the way she said things but chose, wisely, not to point such things out.  “Am I on site or off for this one?”

Now it was Free turn to suppress a smile.  There had been a time when the idea of his accompanying her would have not even crossed his mind.  Now he was laying out like an option.  “Off, I think.  While I am with her, getting ready I want you to go over the target list and find me everything you can.  Trim and compact it because I am going to need to learn it all.  If plans change I will let you know.”

He nodded and started to pack up his gear.  Habit kept them from ever staying more than a week in any one place.  He tossed her a trio of ‘clean comms’.  “I’ll move closer to their path but it is the proverbial drunkards walk.”

“Then it is easy, go to the next bar.”  She tossed the comms into her satchel and hiked it up onto her shoulder.

“Be careful.”  He asked, quietly.

“Don’t have to be careful, I have to be good.”


“Now you boys be good or I gives you a reason ta regret it for the very short time you will have left to exist.”  She swept across the spaceport like a queen, three large and much younger men followed her.

“Oui, Tanta.  We Knows, we knows.”  Ruis was the largest of the three and he nodded with a wide smile.  He was looking forward to their guests return.

The woman did not even turn to look at him.  “An wipe dat smile offen you face.  You look like a lovesick gator.  Nuff to scare all the townies away.”  They did cut a swath through the busy shuttle area but it was not his smile that made folks move but her determined stride.  “We doin dis as a favour we is gonna be owed and I want them to owe the full amount.”

“Y’all ready gots the money spent?”

“Idiot.  Dese here favours be worth more than isk.  Dey be power and the ability to hits anyting in a whole new way.”  She paused to take in the arrival board and pointed to the right.  “Over dere dey be disembarkin.  You three be ready to carry her tings.”

“Tanta, she travel light.  Least wise, last time she. . . .”

“I don’t care if she shows up wif just a toothbrush.  You will carry it for her.”

“Oui, Tanta.”  He sighed and looked over the heads of the other people waiting.  When he saw Free he did not point but just tapped Tanta lightly and then he and the other two started watching the rest of the crowd a LOT more closely.

Tanta hopped once to get the right line then bowled through the crowd to greet Free.  “Darlin, welcome home!”

Free suddenly found herself being hugged and pulled down for a kiss on the cheek.  She stood up and realized that her bag was gone, already in the hands of one of Tantas escorts.  She shook her head, smiling at how smoothly it had been taken.  “Mike sends his love and wishes he could come to visit but he is all political, can’t turn on a comm without hearing his voice it seems, these days.”

“That boy, what will he do when he has ta be all normal again?  I’ll have to find him something to keep him busy.”  Tanta measured Free with a glance and chuckled as the woman stepped back, holding up her hands.  “Lordy, don’t fret.  We hasn’t had an arranged marriage in our family for at least two years.”  Tanta linked Frees arm with her own and asked. “Just the one bag?”

Free smiled and shook her head.  “Mike told me that I might want to bring a present or two.  But since I couldn’t bake he made a few suggestions.”  She did not add that Mike had spent the better part of an afternoon with Free finding just the right things to get and subsidizing the purchases.

“Boy is finally showing some common sense.”  Tanta lead the way to baggage claim where a large case was waiting.

Free popped the top and took out a bundle which she handed to Ruis.  “Sparring gear, with extra padding.”  The other two lads roared with laughter as Ruis turned red and held the bundle at waist level.  Then he blushed even deeper as he realized she was holding her satchel again.

Underneath that package were books.  “I confess Mike did most of this.  He said if I couldn’t cvook then I should encourage others to do so.”  She hesitantly lifted one battered tome out and handed it to Tanta.  “We found the oldest cookbooks we could find . . . ”

Tanta took the book and laughed.  “For the oldest woman you know, eh?”  She swept Free into another hug and grinned up at her.  “The thought be good and I will see iffne they knows anything I ain’t learned yet.”

Free breathed a sigh of relief and then grimaced realizing her bag was in the hands of one of her escorts, again.  She shook her head and accepted the inevitable as she followed her escorts out of the terminal.



Sometimes you cannot stop something from happening so you either accept it or keep fighting knowing that you will lose.  At difgferent times I have done both.  In PvP I will keep shooting right till I blow up, I mean what else is there to do?

Market PvP though, that is a different kettle of fish.  I HATE the 0.01 isk games and will only play so long before either jumping it up to where they will be making very little or finding another thing to invest in.

Sorry I am very very behind on posting.  Mainly working on a project I will write about under a separate header.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Fighting the inevitable

  1. RobAryeeArc says:

    Speaking of train wrecks you can see coming but can’t do anything to stop…
    The industry changes scare me. I’ve seen the info from the test server and basically any type of manufacturing close to market hubs like Jita will be horrible. This also means, if the market hubs stay in tacked, people will be shipping more and more items to places like Jita which means more High Sec ganking. which means lose on investment + high manufacturing taxes.
    I know the person who took these images on the test server and if this same system is put on Tranquility, I see riots in the near future. Whether they are short term or long term riots, I don’t know.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    the only problem is that the test server does a very very poor job of imitating the dynamic market of eve with all its complexities. But yeah, I do understand the concern.


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