OOC Donkey

This started it

In my family my daughters, like me, talk more when nervous.  We even made a code phrase ‘Donkey’ to let them know when they were starting to babble in public. (referring to the donkey in Shrek)

Sometimes I wonder if I should teach that code phrase to my fellow CSM9 delegates so they can let me know when I am going overboard.  Same goes for podcasts.  It has become a bit of a running joke that I hotdrop ‘casts and then push my own agenda of the day.

Then again, maybe we are all faking it and I just do so noisily.  The discussions we have had with CCP have been well received (at least it looks that way) and I enjoy every meeting I can make.  Timezones have some folks listening in at work on phones, others into their late afternoon and me bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am.

They give us time to talk, to listen, to think, and to respond.  I have never felt rushed at a meeting nor shut out by others who may disagree with me.  We do not always agree and there have been times when we took different sides in front of the devs, other times when we had debates in our own channels or even sub channels where we hash an idea out with one or two other people and try to reach a consensus or at least listen and try to understand why the other person is a pigheaded fool. (joke)

About a month and a half in.  CSM9 is not the same as CSM8 but that is neither a good nor a bad thing.  It just is.

Now I have projects I should be working on but this has been rattling around my head.  As always if you have ideas, comments, whatever.  Evemail me or add to the comments below.

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to OOC Donkey

  1. RobAryeeArc says:

    Replace “ogres” with “Azariahs” 🙂

    I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, your professional demeanor and high IQ offset any ‘donkey’ business you end up in.

    PS You going to be at the Town Hall tomorrow Mike?

  2. RobAryeeArc says:

    And happy 5 year anniversary Mike o7

  3. Lei Merdeau says:

    I think you have

  4. randommcnally says:

    You are always welcome to donkey your way on High Drag.

    Is it true that Azariah’s are like onions?

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